Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Eureka's Arcata Slate?

So now we know who the lefties are in the upcoming Eureka City Council race.

Linda Atkins is running for 2nd district. Looks like she's a retired Caltrans worker and union member. I can just imagine what sort "new economic policies" she might be thinking of.

We've known of George Clark, running for 4th district, for some time. A self- identified progressive, he fills in the other half of Eureka's Arcata slate.

Almost seems like some kind of conspiracy that we already have the two candidates from the Left identified, but only one non- lefty, Frank Jager, has thrown his hat in the ring. Anybody else out there thinking of running?

I was speaking with Frank last week and mentioned how this race has already become a Left vs. Right thing, with the so- called progressives lining up behind his opponent. Frank said he didn't want it to be that way and that he just wanted to deal with the issues.

He also told me he'd never met George Clark before and was going to try and meet with him. And here I thought Frank was one of those guys who knew everybody.

Oh well, leave it to me to take my turn at turning the Eureka City Council race into a Left vs. Right thing.


At 10:45 AM, Blogger Rose said...

You're not the one who did it, Fred. It's the Salzman/Twombly/"Local Solutions" BS machine.

Have you seen the message Clark sent out? Oh MY GOD!

Now is the time to focus laser-like on local business development, manufacturing incubators, low-energy agriculture, entrepreneurial curriculums, micro-finance trial programs, sweat equity, labor exchanges and local currency programs, not to mention the growth opportunities foreseen in renewable energy, affordable and efficient home construction, in-fill development designs, conservation, transportation, carbon-emission control and home retrofitting.

Prosperity? Not if this group can help it.

At 5:40 AM, Blogger Steve Lewis said...

See Twombly's letter critizing Hagan and praising Paul?

Actually, the list above isn't bad at all except we know the hidden side not presented which is to politically eliminate any corporate large-scale industrial development that would employ hundreds and offer servicing companies more employment as well while developing local small businesses, each needing special attention and employing comparatively few numbers of service people at usually much reduced salaries and benefits, get "lazar-like" focus. It truly is a business plan guaranteeing economic failure without massive outside subsidy as in HSU and pot growing.

To create a local sustainable economy, you have to compete with the "real world", i.e. the economic success of industrialized countries is found in the name, "industrialized". You need key industries to act as real core economic anchors for community economic development and economic support.

My politics fit "progressive" better than local "Progressives" because I want to see far more Humboldt citizens benefiting from local business than a comparative handful of small business owners who's public politics are politically correct. Politics become the measure of economic worth in local Progressive mentality instead of what it takes to make any local self-reliant economic system to work.

And yes, omg, we were promoting "local currency exchange" in our commune days back in 1972-74. They never work because there's no real economic anchor. Might work if tied to gold bought by pot profits..

At 8:06 PM, Blogger Auntie Em said...

You didn't make the left/right thing, Fred.

After coming off a stinging defeat in 2006, political activists calling themselves progressives, have been going door to door (figuratively speaking) trying to find candidates to run.

Kerrigan helped George (local, local, local)Clark out source his campaign to a "professional" he met on his excellent adventure last Fall with the failed presidential bid of John Edwards.

I guess they figured George needed an "expert" from out of town to clean up his negative and rather kooky image. I do wonder who is picking up the tab, dont' you?

There is only one reason for the scurrying around and we all know what it is: the self-anointed and self-appointed "progressives" want to take over City Hall so they can legislate our shopping choices and growth potential.

After following the yellow brick road of George's economic plan, I have to wonder how many families will be marginalized if he is successful in ridding the community of those "villainous non-local businesses" like Target, Costco, Evergreen et al who actually hire and pay a living wage to a big percentage of local citizens.

BTW, with the evil corporations gone along with their tax contributions to the city, have any of the dumb and dumber "smart growth" folks thought who will pay for their street trees, city parks, walkable trails not to mention public safety, firemen and policemen?

So many questions so little thought or understanding in the "let George do it" theory of economic relativity.

At 10:07 PM, Blogger Rose said...

George's little platform is reminiscent of Meserve, tilting at far off windmills and looking for his five minutes in the spotlight, for all that "local" talk, there's very little in there that has to do with local business in any sense of that word.

I hear that he is a nice guy, so it is a shame.

These guy's go to alot of trouble to make their message sound positive - but the end result is resoundingly negative.

At 6:37 AM, Blogger Fred Mangels said...

I'll have to say I found his first e-mailer I received yesterday rather disturbing. I'm sure he's using a list provided by some left- wing group, maybe Salzman's, and was trying to appeal to the Left but right out of the gate he's starting with the Left vs. Right thing. Of course, he's defining himself as a Progressive, but I can't help wonder how far he's going to carry this with the general public throughout his campaign?

Jager has told me he doesn't want to deal with any Left vs. Right stuff- just local issues. Will Clark end up trying to paint Jager as another George Bush? I imagine, even if he doesn't, we'll be seeing some letters to the editor from Clark's supporters who will. It's happened before.

At 8:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Evergreen Pulp is owned by the Chinese communists Auntie Em. Don't you "get that?" Doesn't it disturb you that Evergreen Pulps profits are subsidized by the taxpayers? Doesn't it disturb you that Evergreen recruits people in Canada and China to come work here and be subsidized by your tax dollars? DOESN'T THIS BOTHER YOU?

have a peaceful day,

At 11:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"clean up his negative and rather kooky image."

Heh, yep, he can't exactly go back in time and erase his letters to the editor.

At 1:33 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Well. My son is strongly considering HSC and I was consdiering relocating to the area. I'm originally from San Fran., but gave up by liberal days when I grew up. I'm certainly progressive regarding same-sex marriage and such, but I'm definitely a moderate conservative. Doesn't sound like the Arcata area will be a good place for me to go.
Really, Arcata doesn't sound very progressive, because to me being progressive - like being holistic - is about being forward thinking and inclusive, not politically correct and hateful. As a Psychotherapist, I see political correctness as being a cover for low self-esteem and an inability to stand with integrity about what one really believes.
Thanks for the heads up. I may just have to take my entrepreneurial spirit, my taxes, and my NRA membership somewhere else. And sadly, I bet no one will really care - except for my son.

At 8:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pretty simple this fall folks- Polly Endert. No political endorsements accepted, no political agenda, and no political ties. Nope, just common sense, reason, logic, and an inclusive attitude to diverse opinions. Even handed and a sound thinker. She answers Only to the Citizens of Eureka, not political constituency groups. We can thank her for putting police officers and firemen on the streets. Her track record is strong. Why would we want to insert venomous partisanship into the city council now? The current city council works pretty well as a diverse group. There's no reason to disrupt that now as difficult challenges loom for the city. Polly's for Problem Solving, Not Politics and Partisanship.


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