Saturday, September 06, 2008

Zombie Does The DNC

Checking in on the Zombieblog, I see she and her crew covered the Democratic National Convention. She's posted the photo essays on the conservative Little Green Footballs blog and Pajamas Media (never heard of that one before). Pretty good stuff, most of it, but I found the one on the Giant Puppet Parade rather dull.

Most of the other reports are typical Zombie. This one, on the prelude to Obama's speech at the Invesco Stadium I found fascinating. I can't imagine anyone standing in a line that length for that long and would suggest that anyone doing so- Republican or Democrat- must be a mind- numbed robot. I don't think I'd stand in a line like that for anyone.

The first picture in The Hillary March report got me to wondering? That lady says her Hillary vote will turn into a McCain vote if Hillary isn't nominated. Is she serious? I've heard from people that have said the same thing, but that was just sound bites on news reports. I'm curious just exactly what similarities, or differences, they find between the candidates that they would limit their choice to Hillary first, McCain second. Anybody have an idea?

Fascinating coverage of the Recreate 68 group's attempt to start a riot in Denver. Zombie actually gets trapped with the "rioters" in that one.

Kind of gets me to wondering under just what auspices she participated in the Democratic National Convention? She said something about not being able to get press credentials but got in some other way. I wonder how? However she did it, it obviously didn't make her official looking enough that she could get through the police line.

Oh well. Thanks to Zombie, we're seeing pictures of some things we might not have seen through the more conventional media.


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