Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Local Races

Just the ones I can vote in, anyway:

4th District Supervisor- I still haven't decided whether to stand aside, or vote for Virginia Bass. Stand aside seems like the best choice right now. I don't know that there will be all that much difference in what happens on the Board of Supes if Virgina were to win and I don't have much of a beef with Bon- Bon, really.

But Bon- Bon's supporters actually gave me two reasons to vote for Virginia:

My next door neighbor- a Neely supporter and San Francisco transplant- told me that just keeping Bon- Bon's seat on the Coastal Commission was enough reason to vote for her. That made me wonder if it might be a good reason to vote for Bass?

And, her supporters. After listening to Bon- Bon's supporters for months on end on other blogs, I can't help but throw Bon- Bon in with them and vote against all of them by voting for Virginia.

I know. Sounds petty, but I've said before I can vote for just as frivolous reasons as the next guy. Bottom line is, I still don't think it's going to make all that much difference in the larger scheme of things who gets the 4th District seat so I might well just avoid the issue and stand aside.

- I don't think there's any bad choices in this race. I'll be voting for Mari Wilson if for no other reason than she's worked there for so long and knows the job. I also like the idea of someone being able to work their way up in an organization and finally reach the top.

That goes back to my days in the National Guard as I moved up through the ranks. I never really coveted higher rank or authority. It did get a bit frustrating, though, when I'd be next in line for a Squad Leader position and some new guy with higher rank than I would enlist and jump into the position I was ready to take and that happened fairly often, as I recall.

If Mari proves incompetent for the position, we can always vote her out next time around. Until then, she should get the chance to prove she's capable of the job.

District Attorney- Allison Jackson is the most qualified and has the experience.

I think Paul Gallegos' heart is in the right place, but he just doesn't seem capable of much to me. Quite frankly, I feel embarrassed having him as our District Attorney, especially when the local pot growers hold a fund raiser for him.

Time to give Allison a chance.

Mayor, City of Eureka
- Frank Jager. No explanation needed.

Ward 1, Eureka City Council- Marian Brady. No explanation needed, although I will say I'm surprised at how many signs of hers I've seen around town.

Ward 3, Eureka City Council
- Mike Newman. No explanation needed.

Local Measures

Measure N- Yes. No explanation needed.

Measure O-
No. Believe it or not, I make that decision with a bit of a heavy heart. I do think the city needs the money. Of course, the city can always can use more money. I'm just not going to voluntarily accept another tax.

If this was the only tax increase we were facing, I'd be a little more inclined to vote for it, but it isn't. We're facing up to a 50% increase in our water bills in Eureka. Should Prop 23 fail, our utility bills might go up as high as 60%. Taxes are going to have to be raised, eventually, at the local, state and federal level to pay of all the debt we've acquired.

Things don't look good, and I'm going to try and protect my finances as best I can.

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At 8:45 PM, Blogger mresquan said...

"Mayor, City of Eureka- Frank Jager. No explanation needed."

Why would you support the lesser of libertarian candidate?He's against pot legalization,same sex rights for gay couples,and he thinks that the government should provide for his entertainment.And I don't think he's much different from Peter in that he's always had a taxpayer funded job.I guess you might say you would be voting for him because you have a better personal relationship with him than you do with Peter,I dunno.

At 8:19 AM, Blogger Fred Mangels said...

Actually, Frank's always seemed like a pretty tolerant guy to me.

But let's face it, this election is about Marina Center and cleaning up Eureka, more than anything else and Jager is more supportive of moving forward with the Balloon Tract than LeVallee.

At 3:37 PM, Anonymous AlanR - GunRightsAlert.com said...

I'm planning to sit out 4th Dist. Sup. I've never liked Neely. Bass is a member of the the US Conference of Mayors that filed an <a href="http://www.chicagoguncase.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/08-1521bsacunitedstatesconferenceofmayors.pdf>amicus brief</a> in support of the respondents in McDonald v. Chicago. I've twice tried to contact her to determine whether she also supports the positions of her organization that:

1) "The Fourteenth Amendment does not protect the Second Amendment right to
keep and bear arms."

2) "The Second Amendment protects a largely obsolete eighteenth-century right."

3) "Second Amendment rights are not an aspect of ordered liberty."

I am forced to conclude without a refutation that as a member she agrees with those positions held by USCoM.

At 1:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow Fred, read this:



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