Saturday, July 07, 2012

Obama's Accomplishments

I found this piece from the Huffington Post a fun read. A not quite tongue- in- cheek list of President Obama's accomplishments by David Boaz.


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He got Osama and will be getting my spouse medical coverage when the rest of ObamaCares activates. My spouse has mild asthma (about one minor issue a year, easily resolved with an inhaler)... but we've been unable to find an insurance corporation that will accept her. Note: price is not an issue. No company will give her a policy, period. When ObamaCares activates, they'll have to do it. And, insurance rates across the board are projected to go down, so even ol' Fred (assuming you're paying private insurance instead of a government option currently) will even see a benefit.

There's actually a lengthy list of Obama's accomplishments, if you care to look beyond rightwing media.

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