Saturday, August 09, 2014

Ken Golden: Lawman

Just some personal and and local National Guard trivia: I went to dinner last night at the Elk's Lodge. It was a get together of members of the original 1st Detachment, 570th Military Police Company that was based at the National Guard Armory here in Eureka back in the '80s.

The big surprise of the night was Ken Golden showing up. He was a founding member of the unit and loyal member for some years until he moved to Oklahoma. I had no idea until last night he had been elected to the position of Bryan County, Oklahoma Sheriff last year after serving 20 years on the force.

I know he attended the College of the Redwoods Police Academy while he was here, but can't recall exactly where he lived.

Fun guy. When we'd be playing army and painting our faces with camo, he'd actually put camo on his teeth.


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