Sunday, September 28, 2014

Mike Rowe Likes Glenn Beck

Gotta love the following comment just made on the Tuluwat Examiner:
"This blog seems like a big oxymoron! You put out posts that seem pretty far left. Then, you put out a post like this and seem to run into tea party territory.
Not to take away from the shooting, but I think a lot of conservatives would like your train of thought regarding rights on private property."

I'm not sure whether that means he finds it a good post, offensive or just odd. I get the impression he simply can't understand someone not towing a strictly left or right partisan line. 

Regardless; in honor of that comment, here's Mike Rowe, of the TV show World's Dirtiest Jobs fame responding to a couple of folks who expressed disgust on his Facebook page over Rowe's appearance on the Glenn Beck Show. I've only watched Rowe's show a few times but can't help but like the guy after what I've been reading about him of late.

Some of you might remember Rowe being up here in Humboldt recently.


At 4:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too like Mike Rowe. Seems like a regular guy, a decent guy.

Seen his show and seen him being interviewed.


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