Sunday, November 22, 2015

Gary Johnson on Sharia Law

I'm pleased to see I'm pretty much in agreement with past LP presidential candidate and two term Governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson, in his feelings about ISIS. What he doesn't really address, though, is the refugee problem and that's one that seems to be tearing many libertarians apart.

Not so much the official organization, but the sniping back and forth between members of the Party that supposedly believe in open borders and those that don't. I'm among the latter and have felt for some time that we should greatly restrict immigration from Muslim countries. Hey, we have a problem here. I"m not saying they can't go to other countries, assuming other countries are willing to accept them. 

We should feel no obligation to accept them here. It's no different than a transient stopping by my house and asking to spend the night. I may feel it's important to help someone in need, but I shouldn't feel obligated to let him into my house.

Past LP of California gubernatorial candidate, Richard Rider, does address immigration. His thinking is along the way I feel about it, although he specifies Muslims as opposed to pointing to Sharia Law as Johnson does: 

"Here's why I much prefer "Mexicans" (really all Hispanics and damn near anyone else) to Muslims. When a Mexican comes here, we don't need to monitor their ideology, or be concerned about their terrorist tendencies, or be worried that their offspring will become terrorists.  When a Muslim comes here, we do."

But fear not, open borders types. I believe Rider switched to Republican some years ago and The Libertarian National Committee recently sent out a release reaffirming its belief in open borders. That should remain the party platform for the foreseeable future as I see it. For that reason alone I'll always consider myself a libertarian, as opposed to a Libertarian.


At 10:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the link. I was educated by the concise and logical commentary by Richard. If folks here would do a bit of research on the implementation of Sharia law already present in the USA they would be surprised by the limitations placed upon women and children and the horrific abuses seen as culturally acceptable. Those cultural norms would be rejected by many free thinking folks.

At 10:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The media has convinced the masses, including politian so, that the battle is between Open & Closed Borders.
This is far from true. America has always been a Protected Border country. The headlines should read Protected or Non Protected, not open or closed.
Gary Johnson lost my following, for dismissing Protected Borders. It's our Constitutional Duty to Protect our Borders, our Private Property, our Constitution.
Erik Peterson(sp) is another who needs to be exposed for non libertarian goals.

At 11:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not afraid of Syrian refugees wanting to legally emigrate to America. The vetting process is an exhausting and extensive 18 month process, contrary to what yakking pinheads would have us believe. I welcome them.

At 11:10 AM, Blogger Fred Mangels said...

As the late film producer, Aaron Russo, said when being interviewed by Liberty magazine just prior to trying to gain the LP's nomination for president: " A county isn't a country without enforceable borders'.

I agreed with him then as I do now. Some have pointed out how unfair it is to label all muslim refugees as blood thirsty. Maybe so, but as one LPer pointed out in a Facebook discussion on this not long ago; if you're told a bag of M&M candy contained 10% poison tainted candy, are you going to try and eat them all, anyway? Nope.

At 1:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"We should feel no obligation to accept them here."


I gather you are another Constitutionally Correct Comatose who draws a blank on the years 2003 forward and, particularly, our not very well thought out Invasion of Iraq which had much to do with exacerbating the current situation and the growth of ISIS. Funding of the latter is still pretty much a Saudi thang, just like Al queda and Osama bin Laden. Remember, 15 of the 19 skyjackers came from SA, but, since the WH office holder at the time and his family, had extensive ties (read financial) with SA we vaingloriously go off in another direction. We own that!

And no, this is not a political diatribe, just my reaction to the sustained and deliberate ignorance of this country's role in the upheaval in Syria by people such as yourself.

These refugees have been caught in the middle of forces you obviously, don't understand and don't want to! Just shut the borders down and go wash y/our hands.

Libertarians are never responsible for a damn thing except getting what they want.

At 11:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why were we in Syria?
Who is the Muslim nation related to?
Why is Russia & China joining forces to tackle Isis?
Where is Isis now?


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