Thursday, March 17, 2005


So, the local teacher and nurse's unions, among others, hold a press conference urging people not to sign some petitions circulating locally. The petitions are for initiatives the Governor wants put on the ballot. We might even have a special election to vote on the proposals. Unlike the unions, I say SIGN THOSE PETITIONS, even though I'm not so sure a couple of them will make any real improvement in things.

One proposed intitiative deals with changing the way government employess pensions are designed. While I'm not too clear on the details, this is certainly necessary as the way it's done now is leading the state into even worse financial problems than it already faces.

Another one deals with merit pay for teachers, I believe. While it sounds like a worthy idea, I'm not sure that it will accomplish that much in the short or long run. I think the government run schools are pretty much lost causes and, as long as they're run by politicians, bureaucrats and the teacher's unions, they always will be. Nonetheless, this is an idea that should be explored and, if nothing else, see what has or hasn't worked along those lines in other places.

Last, there's the one that will take redistricting out of the hands of the legislature and instead have it be determined by a panel of retired judges. Local Democrat, Pat Riggs, says this means the districts will be decided by "Republican judges". Hmm...most judges I know of are registered Democrats, seems to me. I also find it interesting that many of our Republican congresscritters in the state are opposed to the idea as they believe they'll likely lose Republican seats in congress if this passes.

I don't think things will change all that much as far as Humboldt goes. Might not change much except in a few districts around the state. That said, it will be nice to take some power from the hands of our reps in the state legislature. Not that some appointed panel will really be much improvement


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