Thursday, January 29, 2015

That E- Cigarette Study

You might have heard the State of California is on the attack against e- cigarettes. No surprise there, especially after reports of a recent study that suggested they create more formaldehyde than regular cigarettes. Reason magazine covers a New York Times look at the study and a chat with one of the study's authors. That researcher says reports on the study are misleading.

Yet that's all it takes to get California on the warpath. 

Craigslist Stealth Campaigns

You'll remember not long ago me pointing to a Craiglist News and Views ad that portrayed local supervisor Estelle Fennell as a gun control proponent. Now they've done the same to Rex Bohn. 

Since he or she also mentioned Virginia Bass in a similar ad, we'll assume it's a stealth campaign by the Left against what are considered the middle- of- the- road or right leaners on the Board of Supes.

This particular ad has me baffled, though.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Blue Heron

The Tuluwat Examiner looks at efforts by the City of Eureka to shut down the Blue Heron. They seem to be suggesting the Blue Heron's being a breeding ground for crime is the landlord's fault. Taking that further, some seem to be suggesting that if all the tenants were moved into nicer places, those tenants would no longer cause problems.

I say that's not likely the case and they might well cause the same problems no matter where they live.

I've been looking for, but can't find, some news accounts from a few years ago about the Blue Heron being renovated. Everyone was happy because it was no longer such an eyesore. The place was reborn! Anyone else remember that? Seems to me it wasn't that long ago.

Yet the place seems to have deteriorated back to the way it was and some want the tenants moved and the place demolished. I know it's common to blame the landlords. I'll suggest tenants have as much to do with such situations, if not more.

The Game!

I couldn't care less about sports. Apparently one of the few in the world that doesn't. So I was surprised to see KIEM- TVs poll up asking if people would be watching The Game on Sunday. 50% of the votes cast the same vote as I did, at least for now. Maybe I'm not the loneliest guy in the world?

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Sonoma Mulls Separating Sheriff- Coroner

While Humboldt County considers consolidating its Sheriff and Coroner's offices, a task force in Sonoma County suggests separating theirs. Sonoma County's offices are currently combined and some aren't happy with the way the Coroner handled the shooting of a teenager last year.

Humboldt is considering (did they do it yet?) consolidation for financial reasons. Some in Sonoma recommend it to avoid undue influence during investigations. I'm not sure that's all that valid a reason, although the concern is. Seems to me, even if the agencies are separate, they still work pretty closely together. Probably the same sort of relationship police departments in neighboring cities have with each other.

Whatever. I believe most counties have the offices combined and can't recall too many complaints with either arrangement. Reasons for or against consolidation seem to amount to six one way, half a dozen the other.

Monday, January 26, 2015

SoCal City Might Repeal Bag Ban

Good news for at least some of us. Calwatchdog reports the City of Huntington Beach has taken the first steps to repeal its ban on supposed "single use" plastic shopping bags:

"...the council took the first step to repeal the ban on single-use plastic bags, saying there’s no evidence that it helps the environment and that voters should decide whether to ban the bags."
the council took the first step to repeal the ban on single-use plastic bags, saying there’s no evidence that it helps the environment and that voters should decide whether to ban the bags. - See more at:
the council took the first step to repeal the ban on single-use plastic bags, saying there’s no evidence that it helps the environment and that voters should decide whether to ban the bags. - See more at:

Sunday, January 25, 2015

How The Hell Did They Do That?

I went into Occupational Environmental Health and Drug Screening to get my blood drawn on Wednesday. Gotta love it! $53.00 for a bunch of tests and I was in and out of there in no more than 20 minutes. It usually takes a week or so for the results to come back as testing is done out of state. This time I was surprised, if not amazed.

I had the blood drawn at around 8:30 Wednesday morning. I got my results in the mail Saturday just after noon- three and a half days. How the hell did they do that?

I know FedEx can get the samples to Minneapolis (or wherever it is they send it) overnight. Still, I would think it would take at least another day for it to get to the lab and probably most of another day to test and process the results. That would be to Friday, I would think. Then it would take a few days for them to mail me the results. Heck, it takes 2 or 3 days to send mail locally most of the time. This took 4 days from start to finish.


I'm going to have to remember to call them on Monday and ask.
Some of you might remember about 6 months ago I went in there for  a blood draw and they told me, because I had insurance, they wouldn't even let me pay cash. They're over that now, having settled the insurance company problem, although they have signs up saying they don't take Blue Cross anymore.

The lady who took my blood explained it to me, although I can't quite exactly remember the last half of it:

Some lady came in and paid cash for a blood draw, then filed a claim with her insurance company. This is where I'm a bit confused but apparently the insurance company insisted the office refund the lady some money- more money than the lady paid to begin with. The office said No Way. Thus began the big insurance squabble where they ended up severing their contract with Anthem/Blue Cross. 

I don't think they ever accepted insurance for blood draws, but you could always file a claim with your insurance company on your own.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Nice Eagle Pics

Every now and then the camera they have set up at the Humboldt Bay Eagle nest gets some great pictures. I believe this one is recent. Pretty cool, huh? Join the Humboldt Bay Eagles Facebook group for more.

Friday, January 23, 2015

A Gay Marriage Alternative

When the subject of same- sex marriage is brought up, most libertarians I've heard from suggest getting The State out of the marriage business altogether. Reason magazine looks at a proposal in Oklahoma to do just that...kinda.

A Republican state representative, in reaction to legalization of same- sex marriage in the state, wants to protect court clerks from having to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples. His proposal would require couples to get married by a priest or other religious official. Those who couldn't do that simply file with the court clerk for common law marriage.

Sounds good enough to me. I wrote here long ago that since a surprising number of people think marriage is a religious thing, maybe we should let the churches have the word. Others, not interested in any religious aspect, could simply file as some sort of domestic living contract, civil union, or whatever you want to call it. So long as they're otherwise treated equally under the law, where's the problem?