Monday, May 02, 2016

British Docs Give Thumbs Up To E- Cigs

Reason magazine reports the Royal College of Physicians has given approval to vaping and e- cigarettes as a way of reducing the harm from smoking:

"Large-scale substitution of e-cigarettes, or other non-tobacco nicotine products, for tobacco smoking has the potential to prevent almost all the harm from smoking in society," the RCP says. "Promoting e-cigarettes…and other non-tobacco nicotine products as widely as possible, as a substitute for smoking, is therefore likely to generate significant health gains in the UK."

Shame that this sort of thing has to come from Britian, of all places. 

Sunday, May 01, 2016

O'Reilly Does Gary Johnson

Columnist and commentator, Bill O'Reilly, looks at the upcoming presidential election. First, dismissing claims the election is rigged. Second, giving a pretty good plug to likely Libertarian Party presidential nominee, Governor Gary Johnson.

As far as the election being "rigged", I'm not so sure of that, either. It's fairly obvious the mainstream media tries to pick people's candidates for them. They pretty much focus attention on candidates they like, ignore the rest, and expect everyone to vote for the ones they like. I wouldn't call that a conspiracy. It's more that mainstream media folks are just as simple minded as Joe and Jill Sixpack and like things simple. Two way races fit the bill. Us vs. Them, red vs. blue: simple enough and easy to make news out of.

I suspect O'reilly is pretty much the same way, thus I'm surprised he was able to think outside of he box enough to give Johnson some half way serious attention, although Johnson arguably deserves it. You have to wonder why a former two term governor, once dubbed the most popular governor in the nation back during his term in office, is pretty much ignored.

I'll suggest again he just makes things too complicated and confusing for Joe, Jill and the mainstream media.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Neat Space Project Planned

Earth Sky News reports on what seems like a pretty fun idea, alhough it will take a while to see results.

The plan is to launch some real fast spacecraft- traveling about 100 million miles per hour- and send them to Alpha Centauri. Even at that speed it will take them 20 years to reach the target but, once there, it will only take 4 years for data to return to Earth as it would be traveling at the speed of light.

Exciting stuff. Too bad at least some of us won't be around to see the results.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Effort Underway to End Federal Law Enforcement on Fed Lands

A republican congressman has introduced legislation to eliminate the law enforcement functions of the Bureau of Land Management and U.S. Forest Service. The idea being to have them replaced by local law enforcement agencies should law enforcement functions be needed:

 "Federal agencies do not enjoy the same level of trust and respect as local law enforcement that are deeply rooted in local communities,” they said, adding that the measure “will help deescalate conflicts between law enforcement and local residents while improving transparency and accountability.”

Sounds good to me. If nothing else, it might make an interesting test case as for the need for such a large federal law enforcemnent presence. Wouldn't it be something if this actually passed but we hear no stories of the chaos and anarchy I'm sure some would expect from a move like this?


Six Months Enough Time For Homeless Transition?

KIEM- TV News' question of the day asks whether six months is enough time for the homeless to transition to alternative housing. I answered Yes, but I think that's oversimplifying things.

Six months should be more than enough time, but that assumes there's a workable plan in place that everyone agrees on. It's probably taken us at least six months to come up with whatever plans we have now, and many still argue over those.

Social Justice Warriors Owned?

The title of this YouTube video suggests the politically correct, social justice college students were "owned" by a comedian addressing them. That wasn't the impression I got after watching the video yesterday as it seemed the audience handled his in- your- face rant fairly well. At least so far as  I could tell.

I still really admire Steve Crowder for getting up before hundreds of a likely hostile crowd and telling them what's on his mind. I'm not sure it's something most of us, including myself, could do. Hey, it's not that hard to sit here from the safety of a computer and criticize one thing or another. It's another thing entirely to do it face to face. I don't think I could do it like he does.

They should probably make Crowder's rant a requirement for graduating from today's colleges.

Hope the link works. I noticed the page changed on me while I was typing this.

Addendum: A little better explanation of how all this came about here. Apparently there was a conservative forum being held that was disrupted by students, after which conservative commentator, Steve Crowder, let the audience have it.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Assemblyman Wood: Anti- Second Hand Smoke Zealot

John Chiv reports Assemblyman Jim Wood has introduced legislation which would allow landlords to prohibit the smoking of marijuana in their rentals, the reasoning seeming to be that second hand smoke from marijuana is just as bad as that of tobacco.

I actually find this somewhat refreshing. I've wrote before here of what I see as the irony of so many of those proposing legalizing marijuana also seeming to be in favor of at least defacto prohibition of tobacco. At least Wood- an anti- tobacco zealot himself- seems to also appreciate the irony.

But, no, it doesn't change my opinion of him, at least not much. I don't see this as the assemblyman suddenly coming to a higher plane of consciousness. He's still falling for the second hand smoke hoax, as do most people nowadays. I see him as simply trying to follow what he sees as popular public opinion. It has nothing to do with acquiring principles.

As an aside, some of you older folks might remember that back when they started with the smoking restrictions those of us who suggested those restrictions might eventually apply to our homes were considered paranoid nut cases. History has shown we were right on the mark. 

Monday, April 25, 2016

This is The City

Some of you may have guessed I spent the last week at UCSF. I was on the 14th floor of Moffitt Hospital- a bit high up for my tastes, not being comfortable with heights, but there was a fairly nice view. Here's a picture I took with my relatively new Alcatel One Touch smart phone. Not real comfortable calling it a smart phone as things work kinda goofy on it, but I can do a lot more with it than I could with my old cell phone.

Texting is much easier on my old LG phone. A disappointment as that was one of the main things I was hoping would be easier.

Enjoy the view.

U.C. Berkely Reacts to Minimum Wage Increase

Who'da thunk?Looks like U.C. Berkeley jumped right on problems created by the $15.00 minimum wage by laying off 500 employees.Probably not the first we'll see of that sort of thing, although it seems strange to hear of this from a government institution.

Hat tip to Richard Rider for the story.

Monday, April 18, 2016

American Independents In CA not Independent

Breitbart, along with a number of other news outlets, is reporting something I've pointed out here before: Many of those who consider themselves "independent voters"- meaning not affiliated with any particular party- are actually registered as members of the American Independent Party (AIP). The AIP is a more conservative- religious right- party formed back during the days of George Wallace. 

Not sure, but it might have been called the U.S. Taxpayer's Party back then. Regardless, I believe it's only officially recognized in California now, going by the Constitution Party in other states.

Many people see the words "independent" when filling our voter registration forms and inadvertently registered AIP. So, if you consider yourself independent, best check your voter registration status. If you really want to be independent, you need to check the Decline To State box.

Accidental Felons

A piece from the Charles Koch Institute looks at how creating more laws leads to overcriminalization. As they point out, we all likely violate laws every day without even realizing it:

"Overcriminalization refers to the frequent use of criminal law — rather than civil law or administrative sanctions — to punish behavior that historically would not have been viewed as criminal.” Since 2000, Congress has created an average of 56 new crimes annually. Furthermore, modest estimates count over 300,000 regulations that carry criminal penalties."