Monday, April 11, 2005


Looks like the pro- fluoride forces have started a letter writing campaign, from the looks of the Times- Standard letters section. A number of people have written in saying that fluoride should keep being added to Arcata’s water supply. I find it frightening that so many people accept the idea that any group of people should be able to tell others what should be in their water.

The anti- fluoride forces don’t seem much better as most of them seem to just want any additives to the water supply to be approved by the EPA (or was it FDA?). I really don’t care whether the EPA approves the use of a substance or not. People shouldn’t have to buy bottled water or an expensive water filter to get the kind of water they’re comfortable drinking. To paraphrase one Lefty in Arcata, "government should be responsible for providing potable water, and that’s it…". I’m not so sure that government’s job necessarily includes providing water but, assuming it does, I agree.

It’s sad to see so many accepting the concept of forced, mass medication. Apparently, many of the players in this debate don’t consider how they’d feel if the tables were turned and the government decided to add something to their water they disapprove of . Remember, when you give government the power to give you everything you want, you also give it the power to take it all away. The "We Know What’s Best For You" sword can strike both ways.

If you’re doing something to me for my own good, PLEASE STOP! Fluoride should be a matter of individual choice.


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