Thursday, April 07, 2005

Garberville Anti Tax Protest- April 15

How nice to see the Lefty anti war folks- at least I assume it will be mostly Lefties since it's oriented towards anti war issues- planning a protest against taxes on April 15 in Garberville(Noon Friday under the clock, if you haven't heard yet).Unlike the typical libertarian oriented tax protests held around the country, this one focuses on things like half of every tax dollar being spent for military purposes instead of social programs. It's a good start, though, for the Left. It seems more and more from the Left are starting to realize, as a wise man once said, that when you give government the power to give you everything you want, you're also giving it the power to take it all away.

So it goes with taxes: While it may seem great to rip taxes off from groups you don't like, and spend the money on things you do like, it sucks to have the tables turned on you when someone else has control of the purse strings. Let's hope the trend continues and more from the Left (and the Right) learn that it's best when you have control of your own money so you can spend it on the things you think are important. The only real way to do that, though, is to let everyone else keep their own money to spend as they please. Kinda like that Libertarian saying goes: "Liberty is something you'll never really have yourself, unless you're willing to give it to everyone else.".


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