Thursday, April 21, 2005

Rumble In The Jungle

Received another action notice from the Redwood Peace and Justice Center in my e-mail this morning asking for supporters to show up at the courthouse today to support some guy that got arrested for tree sitting in the Freshwater area. Coincidentally, the Times Standard ran this article on the incident in question in today's paper.

Since I wasn't there, and won't be at the court house following the testimony, I'll withhold judgement on the issue of who brutalized who. I'll have to say, though, my sympathy is not with the tree sitters. Talk about anarchists...

Seems to me these folks think they should be able to do pretty much as they please and everyone's supposed to thank them for it. Some real tipsy turvy thinking on their part. They trespass and climb trees refusing to voluntarily come down. Then, when someone climbs up the tree to remove them, they're "being placed in danger by the extractors, brutalized, etc...". They seem to feel they're doing god's work. They deliberately make it extremely difficult for law enforcement or the timber companies to do their jobs, and then complain when someone takes action against them. Not at all unlike what's happening with the Pepper Spray Incident that's going through retrial right now.

If you're going to voluntarily break the law to protest, and even take it further by making it as difficult as possible for the "other side" to deal with you, fine, more power to you. But, when the other side does what they have to do, you should accept the consequences and stop the whining.


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