Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Another Lousy Election

Not that it would of made that much difference if any of the reform propositions actually won. Some are saying the results of the election are a repudiation of the Governor in some way, shape or form. Well, maybe. I suspect, more than anything else, it was people being opposed to the special election in the first place and thus voting NO on everything. If it was an indication of some lefty uprising then the two inititatives backed by the Left wouldn't have fared so poorly. For the most part, people just went and voted NO on everything chosing to bite off their nose to spite their face.

I guess I predicted the results of the Harbor Commissioner race backwards. I figured Hunter would be the one to take the fall but, instead, the other incumbent lost. I guess, if I really thought about it, that would make more sense since this district would be less inclined than the other to elect a Lefty. Not saying a Lefty couldn't win in this district, just that it would be less likely.

On the bright side, locally, libertarian candidates won two out of the three races that I know libertarians were running in. One school board candidate won and one lost. Will Wennerholm retains his seat on the Mckinleyville Community Services District which is great. What I don't understand is how that Dunk character could come in first in that race? Looks like Mckinleyville might be working its way toward becoming an Arcata clone. Let's hope not.

Also of interest around the state was Sonoma County squashing the anti- Genetically Modified Oganism proposal. I figured it might be close but felt it might just win with the lefty paranoia makeup of the Bay Area and surrounding area mentality.

On the down side, San Franciscans, in their infinite idiocy, voted to ban possession and sale of handguns and handgun ammunition within city limits. San Francisco now joins Chicago and Washington D.C. in having the only such bans. It will serve San Francisco right if they end up with the same homicide rate as Chicago and D.C. after this ban takes effect. Hopefully it will get thrown out in court, though, for the sake of the people that own handguns and believe in self defense that live in San Francisco.

As interesting as it can be, I hate Election Day and its aftermath.


At 10:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Fred, what do you think about this here:

”The Republican Party is very disappointed with the final outcome of the special election, however, we do not feel defeated,” said Humboldt County Republican Chairwoman Lori Metheny. “In fact, we may have lost a battle, but we will not give up the fight, nor do we intend to lose the war.”

Democrats and public employee unions bought this election, she said.

”The level of distortions practiced by both was perhaps unprecedented,” she said. “It was a terribly negative campaign and I believe the voters saw it for the cynical victory that it was.”

And the flip side of the coin

Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee Chairman Patrick Riggs said the election was a huge victory for democracy.

”It slammed the door on the George Bush, Karl Rove, Tom DeLay takeover of our state,” he said.

He said he was disappointed in the post-election stance taken by GOP opponents.

”I’m really disappointed that we get this kind of sour grapes distortion of the truth,” he said. “Once again, comments are made with no regard for what’s true, with no regard for the will of the people who have spoken clearly with their individual votes.”

Is it me, or could Lewis be right, that the local leader of the DCC gone bonkers? I wouldn't call 2% to 5% a huge difference, but I guess this is also coming for someone who claimed to have PSTD the day after when Bush won. First they back a Commie, and now Riggs, well, Riggs has always sounded like a drunken two year old in the papers, even when they try to make him look good.

(quotes are from

At 12:26 PM, Blogger Fred Mangels said...

Interesting you should bring that up. I was thinking of using that for today's commentary but got carried away playing Aces High, my favorite online ww2 flight sim that I can play now that I have my good computer back.

I'm with Metheny on this one. Pat Riggs has been shameless, imo, throughout this whole thing, being one of the big distorters of what was really at stake in this election.

Some good commentaries on, today, regarding the election results and what they may or may not mean. The Sacramento Bee's editorial is a good one as is the Orange County Register's. So are some of the others.

Also, Dan Weintraub had his own commentary. I thought I saw it on Calnews today but didn't notice it when I just went there. If interested in his column, just go to the Sac Bee home page and click on the Opinion link at the top of the page. You should find him there.

At 12:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another Couple
of Post Election

The Shawn O Hara faction of the Reform Party USA (the Ross Perot branch of the Reform Movement) held their National Convention in or near Yuma Arizona over the Veterans Day weekend.

The Reform Party of California (RPCa) meets near the Ontario Air Port near Los Angeles for a one day confab on Sunday December 4th.

Rumor exists that RPCa will remove it self from Reform Party USA! They will definately NOT join up with the Charles Foster (Texas) cabal or the Jerome Hienmenn (West Virginia) "Action Group" (AG).

Any guesses? ARP, American Reform Party (the Jesse Ventura branch of the refom movement) ?


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