Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Humboldt Bay Strategic Plan Out

Looks like everyone on the Harbor Commission agreed with a strategic plan for the future of Humboldt Bay. No details really available in the Times- Standard report. Details of the plan are available on the Harbor Commission's web site.

Don't really have time to look at it right now. No biggie. I suspect it's likely one of those generic vision things that doesn't mean all that much in and of itself.

I found the one comment by environmental advocate, Mel Mckinney, interesting:

"..the recent election that ousted one longtime commissioner and threatened another's seat showed that people are tired of nothing getting done.".

So, the voters canned a long time incumbent because he wanted to do something but hadn't accomplished anything, and replaced him with someone who didn't want to do anything with the bay (at least as far as industry goes). Hmm..???
In case any of you subscribers to the Times- Standard didn't notice, they're giving hard copy subscribers of their paper a free 60 day trial subscription to their e- edition. Look for the flyer in today's paper for details.

One thing I like about the e- edition is I can get hold of pictures that aren't normally included in their web page news, like the one of my niece, Alyssa Rasmussen, on page 3 of today's paper. I stole that picture to post here but it keeps showing up at the top of this post. Anyone know how to make the picture show up at the bottom of a post?
There. That should work. Thanks, Rose.


At 4:59 PM, Blogger Rose said...

After you upload your pic, and click done, the code for the picture will be at the top of your post. select the entire body of code and (cut or copy) and paste it wherever in the post you want it... if you cut, it will delete the code at the top, if you copy you'll have to go back and delete the first one.

There may be a drag and drop, but not in mine, Safari.

At 11:29 PM, Blogger Rose said...

Nice shot!


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