Saturday, February 09, 2008

Ron Paul Cuts Back

Looks like Republican dark horse candidate, Ron Paul, decided to back off on his presidential campaign and instead focus more on his re- election to congress. No third party run, says he. I'm glad he's still going through the motions until the nominating convention, though. I'm curious to see how well, or poorly, he ends up doing after all is said and done.

The question for me now is what do I do in the general election? I certainly won't vote for the poor choices that will likely be available from the Reps and Dems. I'll likely vote for the Libertarian Party candidate, unless he comes off as War Party.

I'm referring to Wayne Root, who all the War Party libs are backing. That might be enough to chase me off from him but, after reading a bit about him on his web page, at least some of what he's saying about Iraq I might agree with, at least in part.

Actually, looking at his Iraq positions on his web page now (a bit hard to find- scroll down)- it looks like he might have changed his wording a bit but I could be wrong- He suggests letting the Iraqis vote on whether we go or stay. I believe I saw where he mentioned earlier that we have caused problems there and should fix them before we leave.

Can't argue with that. It goes right along with the old saying of, You break it. You bought it. The question is, when do we decide enough is enough and cut our losses?

So, we'll see how he looks, assuming he remains the front runner. If he comes off as more War Party than I think he is, then the question is to vote for him, since nobody will be watching anyway, or just not vote in the presidential race for the second time in my life (first time wasn't by choice).

There are actually a number of LP Presidential hopefuls that might be considered, but I'll let others decide who gets the nod.


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