Sunday, November 01, 2009

Fred & The T-S Agree???

This is a first, to my recollection. The first time in over 35 years of living up here that I've agreed with the Times- Standard's voting recommendations. This one for Harbor Commish, only.

Ok. So I didn't openly support Wilson. I probably would have, though, if only because I feel Hauser's too much of a Believer when it comes to the railroad. I don't have a problem with Believers but it could become a problem if it comes to someone counting, and spending money, on something they believe in. So, in that race, I might well have joined the fringe left and voted for Wilson. Or, maybe just stand aside, and not vote in that race.

I have a Richard Marks sign in my yard so I guess that counts as an endorsement. My reasons are right in line with the Times- Standard's.
As an aside, the lefties win again. There's a notice on the Eureka Reporter editorial page within the Times- Standard that today is the last day the ER will be publishing their opinion page there. The ER says it's their decision to do so. Still, I'd love to know how the ER ended up getting a page in the T-S in the first place?

But nice win for the Left. Their battle cry finally came through for them, even though it wasn't really responsible for this win : "SHUT THEM UP!"


At 8:56 AM, Blogger Carol said...

Fred, we actually agree!


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