Monday, May 03, 2010

Lopez on Driving and Cell Phones

I thought the Los Angeles Times' Steve Lopez made a fun read out his following around a traffic cop giving out tickets for talking on cell phones while driving.

I'll take issue, though, with some of the "facts" he lists about distracted driving. We need to remember that those facts, if true, are referring to "distracted" driving. There's all kinds of distractions involved in driving and driving is supposedly getting safer, while cell phone use is increasing.

As annoyed as I am with those of you that think you have to have a cell phone to your ear all the time, we should at least be fair about the facts. If cell use phone is increasing and driving is statistically getting safer, I'd say it's a bit unfair make it sound like cell phones are responsible for all Steve's "facts".

I enjoyed the story, but I thought the best part was about three paragraphs from the top where they inserted a link for an ad: "Receive breaking news alerts on your mobile device. Register".

Fits right in with the story, doesn't it?


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