Sunday, October 17, 2010

How I'll Be Voting (State Races)

Governor of California- Dale Ogden (LP)

Yep, once again wasting my vote on the Libertarian Party candidate, but I can't think of a better opportunity.

I think both Brown and Whitman are pretty much of equal ability and both are just as likely to sign bad legislation. I had given Whitman the edge when she supported Prop 23 earlier on but, after she came out opposing 23, she lost that edge.

Not that supporting 23 is really an issue for the Governor's race. It simply shows common sense. Reversing her position shows either a lack of common sense or simply a desire to pander to what she thinks is popular opinion. It's probably a little of both.

I don't think either candidate is well suited for solving one of the state's biggest problems, either: The public pension crisis. But, it doesn't really matter. The state is broken and unfixable. It won't matter which one is elected.

Besides, this may be the last time I'll be able to vote for a Libertarian candidate in the general election since we'll be switching to the blanket primary. Might as well take advantage of the opportunity.

Lieutenant Governor
- I'm stuck on this one between two candidates. Either Libertarian Party candidate, Pam Brown, or Republican candidate Abel Maldanado.

Despite thinking favorably of Gavin Newsom earlier on, I've come to think of him as power hungry authoritarian that wants to micromanage everyone's lives. He is a threat to everyone's liberty and must be stopped.

Problem is, Maldanado comes off to me as not too bright a guy. I don't want either of them as Governor, should Jerry Brown win the Governor's seat and not finish his term due to his age. I'm stuck, but my hatred of Newsom gives Maldanado the edge right now.

Secretary of State, Controller, Treasurer, Attorney General, Insurance Commissioner and Board of Equalization Member- I'll vote for the Libertarian Candidate in all those races.

I'm tempted to vote for the Republican candidates for Treasurer and Attorney General as both Democrat candidates have long time reputations as skuzbags, from a libertarian point of view. All I need is an excuse and I'll choose the Republican in those races. I'll be waiting for one.

U.S. Senator
- Most likely Carly Fiorna. I'd really like to get rid of Boxer, despite her voting my way on one or two issues every now and then. I'll admit to not paying much attention to Fiorna, though. My biggest issue with her, from what little I've seen of her web site, is she sounds War Party.

I'll be keeping an eye on her for the next week or so. I can always vote for Gail Lightfoot if Fiorna seems too right wing for me.

U.S. Representative- I'll likely vote for Libertarian Party candidate, Mike Rodriguez. I'd like to vote for Republican Loren Hanks if we didn't have an LP candidate in that race. I really haven't looked too closely at Hanks yet. I'm guessing he's War Party as so many Republican candidates are and I don't want to vote for candidates that support aggressive military action.

I might do it this way: If the LP candidate doesn't show up for any candidate forums that are held, I might go for Hanks. If Hanks comes off too right wing, or too War Party during the forums, I might just stand aside and not vote in that race as I've done at least once before.

State Senate- Back when Lawrence Wiesner ran against Mike Thompson for Congress, I'd written here that I'd vote for Thompson if I thought Wiesner actually had a chance at winning. Wiesner comes off to me as War Party. But this is a state race and War Party doesn't enter the equation.

Wiesner gets my vote on this one. Even if he has some right wing positions I don't agree with- and I'm sure he has a lot of them- the Republicans are in the minority in the state legislature and will likely remain so in the foreseeable future. It would be nice to [hopefully] have one more NO vote in Sacramento to vote against the foolishness that so often comes from there.

State Assembly- Karen Brooks is the obvious choice here. Wes Chesbro has actually played a fairly significant role in running this state into the ground.

I've gotten the impression Karen might be one of those religious right- wing types but she's been prudent enough not to campaign as such. Regardless, the Republicans will likely remain in the minority and she'll be one more welcome NO vote against Sacramento nutiness... hopefully.

Judicial Seats- I guess I'll be standing aside on the judicial races, once again. That's a shame as these are important. Problem is, how does a libertarian decide?

I've brought up the subject before to other libertarians around the state. It would be nice if we had some libertarian oriented law folk around the state that could take a look at the candidates' records and give us an idea of what kind of decision the candidates would be likely to make.

Do they tend to favor government power over individual choice? Do they support more power for law enforcement? Questions like that would need to be answered to give a qualified vote.

Unfortunately, even non- libertarians seem to be left in the dark on the judicial races. I'd rather stand aside than take the chance on voting for someone that might threaten my liberty.

That's it for now. Other recommendations throughout the week, assuming I find the time.



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