Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Endorsing The YES Vote

The Sacramento Bee's Dan Walters pointed out the other day how most of the bills that go through our state legislature- especially the ones towards the end of the legislative session- are essentially junk, and shouldn't see the light of day.

Then we have another piece in the Bee pointing out that many Democrats have a hard time voting No on any bills. At least a couple have voted Yes on any bill that came before them.

Lastly we have a SecBee editorial where the editors suggest the Governor mercilessly veto the vast majority of bills that are coming before him now, with the exception of a few of the editorial staff's favorites.

It's a breath of fresh air to see the Bee admit most of these bills shouldn't be passed. It's pathetic that while all of these bills were introduced and placed on the Governor's desk by Democrats, you can bet the Bee editorial staff will be endorsing these same Democrats next time they're up for election.


At 9:13 AM, Anonymous "HENCHMAN OF JUSTICE" said...

Hey Fred, Humboldt Herald has banned me, but I did come across this comment of yours regarding DANCO/Open Door Clinics and I felt it deserved a re-visit on this thread of yours in so far as how the "money train" is partly tied together.

Response: Tax Dollar money is still thought of being free to spend, free to print and free to deliver in various forms.....hence the Federal Reserve System and its associated printing press which helps funnel fake money into the states budget as well. The pipeline includes the represenatives of this state at the federal level. The train box cars include the state and local schmoozers and sinister political insiders.

The symbiotic relationship though for bureaucratic bills that equate to various project monies being spent (tax dollars) via grants and such also must include the chronies from the private sector, for without these sinister greedy chrony types (who, by the way, really don't care how their financial portfolio is amassed with greater wealth), the local politico insiders could not get what they want (HealthCare seems to be the latest sham in so far as who gets what).

The troubling aspect of PRIVATE SECTOR grant whoring chronies is that they gain greater profits (at the expense of tax dollars and taxpayers) by falsely bidding high the project costs while government turns a willful blind eye because government wants the costs to be as high as possible before people start crying price gougings and such. In fact, comparative to the private sector, chronie types get higher returns on government sponsored/financed jobs, especially in California. Why? It is all about FALSE REAL ESTATE VALUATIONS and trying to do any sneakish financial trick to keep "propped-up" those super-inflated valuations that can't be justified. Since costs are a major part of PROPERTY VALUATION ON STATE/COUNTY ASSESSOR TAX ROLLS, it becomes very easy to regulate higher false real estate valuations by ensuring any project will cost more at the stroke of a pen.

The California political structure at the local and State levels have been mired in this type of consumer/business tax fraud scheming since Prop 13 was passed. Why? Prop 13 was too fair and bureaucrats had to "shape shift" to get back to stealing and fraud so their pet project kick-backs could continue.

Had the State and local political decision makers been honest, straightforward and forthright, California would not be in the mess it is in now. This mess ain't gonna go away for a very long, long time.

My cynical response: Thank You California majority voters for your intelligient voting practices, for you all have shown the rest of us voters the "light-of-day" on who to include into the debt blame game........

Jeffrey Lytle
McKinleyville - 5th District


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