Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Gary Johnson Switches to Libertarian Party

Former two term Governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson, has officially switched to the Libertarian Party. He'll be seeking their Presidential nomination. There's a live feed of the press conference on his web site as I write this but the audio didn't work well for me.

There's been speculation about this move for some time. Some are already trying to turn this into a Johnson vs. Ron Paul match with some of the bottom feeders within the LP apparently trying to match the main stream media in throwing out anti- Ron Paul hit pieces.

I've already wrote that regardless of how one feels about Ron Paul, they're really getting a bit ahead of themselves in trying to start this fight now. There's next to no chance Ron Paul will win the Republican nomination and it's highly unlikely Paul will switch to the LP after he loses that nomination. There shouldn't be an issue of one vs. the other.

If he surprises me and does seek the LP nomination, then would be the time to start throwing stones, if one is so inclined. In the meantime, the bottom feeders are simply working to alienate any Ron Paul supporters that might be willing to support Gary Johnson. Typical of way too many LP activists.

A number of people have criticized Johnson for his switch. Most suggesting he'd be losing the power and publicity he "gained" by being a Republican candidate. Others were upset at the idea of him taking votes from whoever the Republican candidate is. I disagree.

Johnson has been ignored by both the media and the Republican Party from the beginning. As I write this CNN has no word about Johnson or his switch. I don't expect to much in the way of change, although he might get a mention after the primaries should the media do any "wasted vote" stories.

As far as taking votes from the Republican candidate, so be it. I don't see any significant difference between Obama and the current Republican front runners now so lost votes shouldn't be an issue.

I'll admit Johnson doesn't have much to gain from his switch to the Libertarian Party, but he also has nothing to lose.

Addendum: I need to remind myself that Johnson still needs to win the LP's vote at their next Presidential nominating convention. In the almost 20 years I've been with the LP, they've always nominated the candidate I thought was best but you never know.


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