Saturday, August 04, 2012

Iran: A Reminder

I bring this up because I'm tired of hearing the main stream media suggest over and over that Iran is trying to build nuclear weapons. As reminds us, nearly all intelligence agencies believe Iran abandoned their nuclear weapons program some years ago.

And what if Iran actually developed a nuke? We might not be talking about attacking them if they did. When was the last time we attacked a country that could actually fight back?


At 5:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous II said...

Good post. We have no business meddling with Iran.

At 6:56 PM, Blogger Steve Lewis said...

The whole deal with Iran is Israel worried that it won't achieve total hegemony over all the Middle East if Iran won't buckle under the West's and Israel's coordinated cold war against Iran. It is amazing how easily Americans are fooled by rhetoric from government leaders who themselves are fooled by Zionist propaganda. Who is pointing to Israel as the only Middle East nation with hidden nukes? Who is pointing to the fact that it is only Israel that has the record of invading other nations militarily? It is scary to see the mobilization taking place to trigger another Middle East war that Israel always wants? Why? Because Zionism is based on warfare. It's not a religious movement at all but a political one showing that Judaism is not really a spiritual religion so much as it is a national identity. Much like Islam in that respect only Jews don't kill each other if they defect Judaism. They just label the dissident a "self-hating Jew anti-Semite" and that usually does the trick to stifle debate about our 5th Column religions, Judaism and Islam where the members are more loyal to their national religions than they are to the nations they live in.

There's now, with archeological evidence, reason to suspect that it was Hebrew/Israelites who seized control of ancient Egypt and installed the Hyksos or Shepherd Kings as pharaohs for 200 year rule until Egyptian priests finally kicked them out which these Hyksos/Israelites turned around and rewrote history when ancient Egypt was no longer around to counter the lie, as the "Exodus of Moses", i.e. turning humiliation into a myth that has affected billions of people now. Avaris was the name of the capital of the Hyksos Egypt, btw. It seems greed for other people's land and control of their governments is an old old pattern for my ethnic group. I speak this as an unrepentant Christian whose found a much more spiritual path, like Jesus did too..


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