Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Do Something Disease

Do Something Disease is our longest running pandemic. We see it every day. It's all over the mainstream media. A couple days ago I found two good examples. Same day, different papers and different authors:

Our very own Dave Stancliff wrote this oped in the Times Standard. He wants congress to DO SOMETHING!

The Santa Rosa Press- Democrat carried an oped by syndicated columnist, David Brooks. He wants congress to DO SOMETHING!

Of course, by doing something they generally mean passing more laws.

Stancliff: "Here's how it works; they do not get paid until a law is passed.".

Brooks: ""Political leaders would erode partisan orthodoxies and get back into the habit of passing laws together.".

Sick, sick, sick. Neither of them ever seems to consider that we already have more than enough laws and the vast majority of those laws do- or are- one of five things:

  1. Cost you or somebody else money
  2. Restrict your or somebody else's freedom
  3. Redundant- there being laws for or against it already
  4. Shouldn't be government business in the first place
  5. All the above
With that in mind, I'd say we need less laws, not more. Gridlock is good. Most of us would be better served if we paid our legislators to just sit there rather than DOING SOMETHING!
This post in honor of columnist, Steve Greenhut, who recently told me one of the phrases that annoys him the most is "We need to do something.".


At 7:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If only we could cure this disease when it comes to school reform.

Step 1: Convince people there's a problem.

Step 2: Enact laws to create a problem under the guise of fixing the problem you made up.

Step 3: Get what your really want (in this case, school privatization for profit and/or religion in the classroom).

At 9:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Henchman Of Justice" says,

Good post, and don't forget that elected officials collude to pre-manufacture their careers knowing full-well their decisions now are creating problems later. That is how our local Board Of Supervisors work and has for years. Any longtime local should know this, and if these longtimers don't, chances are they either 1) trust too much and have contracted the "apathy disease", 2) don't care because maybe they are between "drugged-out" and "dying of old age" or 3)part of the insider clubs that form into political organizations and groups (the groupee mentalatists).

Obviously, enough people think they make wise choices at the ballot box, but do they? Answer lies in the results, and whomever had been elected in the past versus those who could be elected in the future is the "Great Divide" voters must weigh on that golden scale among the stolen wealths aboard "One-Eyed Willy's" 18th Century ship.

Anyone else notice how the ups-and downs are cyclical and patterned - humans are not that good or precise in repetitions as a whole, it takes a few sick and twisted liars and rope-a-dopers to accomplish a feat that a whole nation could not do on its own, simultaneously. The fix is in, wait and see, watch and learn. America is goin' downnnnnnnnnnnnn! DEBT. - HOJ


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