Thursday, January 31, 2013

Windsor, Canada Dumps Fluoride

Windsor, Canada just voted to stop fluoridating their water. You'll recall Crescent City recently voted to stop fluoridation. I suppose this should be good news for those of us concerned about individual choice, but I'm not so sure.

Just as with every other discussion about this, Windsor's debate seems to pretty much ignore the issue of individual choice and responsibility. Sure, there was one mention of mass- medication. There was also mention of residents not having a choice but to drink fluoridated water. I'm not sure that amounts to concern about choice.

The argument seems to always center about whether fluoride is good or bad for you. If bad, it shouldn't be in drinking water. If good, it goes in the drinking water. No concern about those who might feel different than what the 50.5% majority wants.

I'd also be willing to bet that many of those who oppose fluoridation would be willing to put something else in the water if they thought it beneficial. I hope I'm wrong in that regard.


At 11:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I doubt people opposed to mandatory fluoridation would want anything added to water. The issue remains one of individual choice to meet individual need.

If people are concerned about dental care of children (which is the drive for fluoridation), how about improving access to dental care for children? And push to replace sugar in food with non-sugar (yet more sweet) natural alternatives such as stevia? Replacing sugar/fructose in most food kids eat will dramatically improve the situation.

At 10:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Henchman Of Justice" says,

It seems awefully deceitful that here locally, the drive for flouridation is for teeth. If it is an "individual choice", then is not the choice to let your teeth rot to hell validated? Further, when flouridation is used as the basis of analyses to ascertain that without it, children would be affected because they don't really have a choice, well, how is it accurate to believe when children drink less tap water than ever before.

To say flouridation decreases medical procedures for those adults and children with rotting teeth is not accurate because even adults, like children, drink less tap water than ever before.

Once again, public officials are liars or just jumping on the bandwagon of more senior public officials in order to be one of the club members for future consideration of campaign finances for public election purposes in order to be seated as a public official.

There are too many reasons why America will burn to the ground, but none of which as damnifying as the crooked community members who "pull faces" in attempts to make voters believe naievely that these candidates who become officials are "good people".

Too many victims in America created by these so-called "good people" who become "public employees and officials". Good thing not all are bad, but too many are. It is the sour lemons a barf tards that ruin this country while mocking it as wrongdoers who commit misconducts. - HOJ

At 10:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

People who have actually researched the topic of fluoride know that fluoride causes "dental fluorosis" which is actually dental damage. It causes mottled, pitted, and brittle teeth. This damage benefits the dental industry, and dental fluorosis (dental damage) is currently an epidemic in America today. CaviStat toothpaste, gum, & toothpaste works much better than fluoride (check PubMed) without the risk of dental fluorosis but you will never hear a dentist mention it, or promote it.

Furthermore, people who have researched this also know that the chemicals used for fluoridation are nothing more than hydrofluoric acid with a little silica added... (ie. hydrofluorosilicic acid, hexafluorosilicic acid, etc.) These are very toxic chemicals that will eat a hole through concrete if spilled, yet humans are expected to drink it and bathe in it every day. "Calcium fluoride" does not eat a hole through concrete when spilled. Even the concrete can distinguish the difference but some human brains are unable to see this difference. Those with intact functioning brain cells don't care to be poisoned every day by the will of the ignorant masses.

It isn't like fluoride is in short supply, after all. Toothpaste is cheap. It can be found at the Dollar Store.


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