Sunday, February 10, 2013

Dish Network Sucks

I wrote not long ago about Dish Network raising their rates again. I just went to their web site to switch to their Dish America which costs $39.99 a month as opposed to our current plan which is $49.99.

Unless something's missing it looks like they got rid of Dish America. It was there last time we looked. Now your only choice is some $29.99 plan with hardly any channels we watch, or go up to the next highest one.

I'd almost bet they got concerned when people started looking at the lower priced plan, didn't want anybody to switch, so eliminated it. Another conspiracy theory, maybe, but they still suck.


At 1:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Subscribe to Netflix and be done with it. For $8/month you have 9,500 movies and 3,500 TV series on demand. Watch as much as you want whenever you want.

Want a movie just out on DVD? Rent it (stream it) from Amazon for 48 hours or 'buy' a digital copy for $10 and stream it whenever.

Plug your computer into your TV and stream Hulu straight to your TV for a ton of current cable TV programming, or stream directly from a TV show's official website.

If your TV, DVD or Blu-ray player isn't Netflix ready, then buy a $50 Roku box. It also simplifies Amazon renting.

At 1:25 PM, Blogger Fred Mangels said...

Thanx for the tip. I'll check into it.

At 1:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Henchman Of Justice" says,

Kinda like A.T.T. not providing less expensive plans with less minutes because A.T.T. wants to rape the consumer knowing that all the minutes may not be used, but still charging the customer as if the minutes will be used. of course, using more minutes than what the plan provides has an increased fee structure attached. HOJ HATES A.T.T. and wishes they go bankrupt, but alas, they own too much bandwidth and their consumers like to be raped. - HOJ

At 3:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

HOJ, there are a ton of alternatives to AT&T. I use a pay-as-you-go phone, buy 100 minutes and pay nothing for the rest of the year unless I need to buy more minutes (which I don't).

At 8:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Henchman Of Justice" says,

Anonymous, HOJ uses tracphone (very happy). Just got a valentines one year offer to boot. The A.T.T. remark also has to do with the fact that those who don't have a hardline or cable get hosed by A.T.T. for downloads and such. HOJ craps on A.T.T. whenever the chance arises, albeit, still trying to find a location to have a dogwalker leave poop and pee on their doorstep, lol. - HOJ

At 10:40 AM, Blogger Fred Mangels said...

I use Tracphone, too, but also have a regular phone. Last I looked, ATT just charges $10.00 a month for my regular phone, which I don't mind.

The largest part of my bill is DSL internet which is $30.00 a month or more. As much as that seems like a lot compared to what I've paid "back in the day", I figure it's fair enough considering how much I use it.

I'm still trying to analyze why my ATT bill went from $45 a month to closer to $50 and will keep my eye open for alternatives if it keeps climbing.

In the last year or two my basic phone, internet, water and TV bills have gone to over $150.00. That's around $50 for ATT, $50 for water (in the summer) and $50 for Dish Network now. A lot of money for me.

At 11:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Henchman Of Justice" says,

Fred, it seems like all big business wants to do is commit the consumer to larger monthly bills and payments. These increased costs are a concern for the overall family monthly budget. It is as if those who make mega bucks don't care because they have the money to pay, but those whose paychecks never keep-up with rising costs live in futility. Afterall, much of the monthly costs for many folks has morphed from "choices" to "forced". In other words, in today's world, many costs are associated with the things that people must have in order to live in a less free society.

HOJ does admit he has ATT for basic phone too, but the internet is not ATT. It is a scary world for those who want to live the simple life because even if your not a consumer who wantingly spends alot, the "forced lifestyle costs" saps money outta the pocket.

In reality, big business and government at all levels is the two headed beast because they know that to allow simple lifestyles is to take in much less in the form of profits and tax collections. This is a reason why HOJ supports a sales tax only environement while eliminating ALL INCOME TAXES (even on investments). The people (or consumers) who spend the money on goods and services should be the one to pay for its impacts created by such consumptions. HOJ has always felt that politicians who support income taxes are not only back-stabbers, but national treasonists. Why work a whole lot when your sweat equity is being raped from you prior to the laborer getting the proceeds.

People whine and freak-out about sales tax increases because they don't consider that the equivalent return in value would be - full elimination of all income taxes.

As has been discussed thoroughly, more and more people are catching on to the whims of crooked Americans who serve as politicians and big business scum.

HOJ has it all laid out for income taxes in that HOJ only works just enough to avoid income taxes (part of rising-up and petitioning the governemnt for redress of the tax codes). If HOJ only had to pay sales taxes, then it would be based on the individual decision to want to spend hard-earned money (HOJ would spend more at that times and pay more in taxes, not because HOJ would enjoy paying taxes, but because HOJ feels comfortable knowing the choice was made individually and in a fair mannerism). Until then, HOJ intentionally spends less or spends only in those areas of life where the full write-off value can be attained, less food (development, real-estate, etc...). Then, by investing and earning money, the tax rate is less than on labor. This is how HOJ reacts to outright theft by government officials. Further, maybe it would not be as bad if what was thieved was actually more wisely spent. By not working as much as could possibly be worked, HOJ is under-cutting the government's ability to waste even more money, especially in certain budgetary areas like the military and some social services scams. Money, it truly corrupts and divides the masses the way labor is short-changed for tax bases.

Of course, there is no controlling local tax appraisers when they sabotage personal property valuations, draw buildings on parcel maps that don't exist, etc... These things actually do happen, and yet the tax roll is not audited when Cal-Fire decides to rape property owners even more. - HOJ


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