Sunday, February 03, 2013

New Golden Gate Toll Plan

For those that aren't already aware, the Golden Gate Bridge will be going all electronic with its toll collections. All the toll collectors are being laid off. I believe the conversion will be completed by March. The San Jose Mercury News explains the new system.

There's a few options: You can prepay it online. The bridge cameras scan your license plate and deduct the toll from your prepaid account. Or, if you didn't prepay, it scans your plate and they send you an invoice. If you don't pay the invoice within 21 days you pay a hefty fine. There's also supposed to be some kiosks set up somewhere along its avenues of approach where you can pay.

Rental cars sound like a special problem as some rental agencies seem to be charging outrageous "courtesy" fees for paying the toll for you. Check with the agency before renting.

I'm not sure I feel comfortable with this development. Time will tell how well it works.


At 12:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Henchman Of Justice" says,

Over-population causes thes kinds of "convesions" because fankly, human beings cost too much for their services, products, liabilities, responsibilities and greed. What is worse is when the consumer gets a flawed product, merchandise or labor service because "short-changing, undercutting, and intentional half-assed work" is the norm for people to "make-it, economically".

Think about that and how "small business" has become more like "big business" with its scams like coupons, prebated, mail-in rebates, club cards, etc... which is only to "charge more at the initial transaction" hoping that not all will utilize the scam processes to get their wealth back.

The way pricing is done by most businesses is repulsive and definately a "set-up" to rope-a-dope and dupe the consumer.

Thing is, many consumers are also business people, so they figure it all cancels out in the end. What about those who are not business people, but still must consume? They get "pooch screwed", that is what!

Americans and other worldly industrialized or industrializing countries would not know what is good for them because humans have devolved into being greedy and selfish. Over-population only amplifies the scenario to one which is "destroying this planet" moreso than global warming! - HOJ


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