Sunday, August 31, 2014

Free Jeff Mizansky!

I've always wondered how many people are in jail nowadays for non- violent drug offenses. We hear from the drug reform folks fairly often that there's thousands (or millions?) of Americans in jail for such things. I used to take it for granted that might be true, but with California's prison realignment in mind, I can't help but wonder most of those sorts of prisoners have been released?

Regardless of that, Reason magazine reports on a fellow in Missouri that is, indeed, serving life in prison for only marijuana related offenses. To be clear, the article mentions he's the only one in that state serving life for pot. That sort of puts aside the claim of at least Missouri's prisons being full of non- violent drug offenders (doesn't address lesser sentences, though). It still makes me wonder how many others there are like this in other states?

You can use this form as I did to ask the Governor of Missouri to give Jeff Mazinsky clemency. I hope you will, too. They even have Clemency/Pardons on the list of subjects.


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