Monday, November 24, 2014

People PIssed Over Prop 47

We're hearing from more and more people pissed off over Prop 47. That's the one that reduced some felony crimes to misdemeanors. We're told that criminals can't be held in jail. Here's a letter to the editor from today's Santa Rosa Press- Democrat:

"I want to lay it out simply for the people of California, because of the millions of dollars of misinformation dumped into Proposition 47

Thanks to Proposition 47 passing, the following is an immediate reality: If a law enforcement officer pulls an unlicensed, illegal immigrant over in possession of a stolen vehicle (worth less than $900), who has a stolen, concealed, loaded handgun (worth less than $900), is in possession of a TV he just shoplifted that is worth less than $900, and is smoking a personal amount of methamphetamine, the officer would be required to cite the individual and release him or her because all of these crimes are misdemeanors, unless the person is a convicted felon. 

The officer could face false arrest charges for booking the individual in jail. The officer couldn’t even detain the person for immigration, as that would be an unlawful detention and violation of the person’s rights. 

If the fictional individual in my scenario went to court, and pleaded guilty to the crimes, he would receive a two-year maximum sentence with half time for good behavior, and would not necessarily face deportation."

That’s the California we live in. Wow."


Here's Allan Dollison's take on Prop 47 in today's Lost Coast Outpost.

Funny that I was reading things like this before Prop 47 passed. All the talk about criminals being released and no punishment. Yet if you look back to the Lost Coast Outpost and the various letters to the editor of newspapers, the same sentiments were being expressed as long as I can remember, yet the day after last election, the blame shifts to Prop 47.

I'll be the first to admit there might well be problems with Prop 47. I'd still suggest that that nothing's really changed out on the streets. The jails are still full and people will still be being released pretty much as they always have been.


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