Saturday, October 31, 2015

Ghost Adventures Does Xochimilco

The Ghost Adventures TV show took a trip to Xochimilco, Mexico last night. The show piqued my interest because I'd been to Xochimilco at least once when we lived in Mexico. 

Xochimilco is a bunch of canals, among other things, built by the Aztecs or someone way back in the day. The place they showed last night didn't ring a bell for me except when they showed the dock area that was colorful and well lit. The show was playing on the supposed spirits that were in the canals, legend having it that a whole bunch of people were killed during the Mexican revolution and their bodies dumped in the canals.

That was news to me, at least I'd wasn't aware of it when we visited. A very colorful and peaceful place where you could rent a boat to cruise the canals. The one time I remember going there we rented a boat and had the operator float us through the canal while we had a picnic onboard. No scary stuff involved, although I do remember being told not to put my hands in the water as it was known to be quite filthy.

Despite all the darkness in the TV show, it was quite pleasant when we were there. Everything there, including all the boats were painted bright colors as the picture shows giving the place carnival atmosphere.

The Wikipedia article mentions the Isle of Dolls that played a big part in the TV show. I don't remember that, but maybe we went there. I guess the dolls were put there by some guy to keep away evil spirits, although after watching the show you'd get the impression the dolls were evil. Fine by me as I find dolls creepy anyway.

Anyway, if you get the chance, don't be afraid to stop by Xochimilco. It wasn't scary at all to me, even as a kid.


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