Saturday, October 17, 2015

Yet Another Gimmick

I saw these the other day at Rite- Aid and became curious. Then, when I couldn't remember yesterday if I'd taken my blood pressure medicine, I became more than just curious. I just went to Rite- Aid and picked some up. 

RX Timer Caps have a digital clock on them that resets whenever you put your prescription bottle's cap back on. If you can't remember if you took your medication, just look at the counter on the top of the cap and it tells when the bottle was last opened. 

Works well for me, so far. I'm just wondering how long the batteries last since there's no way of knowing how long they've been sitting in the store? I also have trouble reading the numbers on the cap and have to wear reading glasses to read them easily.

You can always buy those pill containers that are set up for different days of the week, which might work best for those that take a lot of meds, but this seems perfect for me since I just take one prescription once a day.

Rite- Aid has them at the pick up counter in the pharmacy. $9.99 for three of them- $8.99 with those store cards- one large and two small and, no, I'm not getting paid to write this.


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