Sunday, November 08, 2015

UFOs In The News

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that some are turning the recent sighting of "strange lights" over the state into some sort of conspiracy. Some of you might have read about the lights, seen over parts south of us. Most conjecture is that they were part of a military missile test. At least one of the comments over at the Daily Sheeple story insists they weren't missiles as he's seen missiles and they don't look like that.

I've seen rockets, too, and saw quite a few when I lived down in southern CA. I'd say the pictures on the Daily Sheeple look exactly like missiles or rockets. When I lived down south we'd regularly see missiles from the air bases to the north. Some were quite spectacular. I remember seeing one, much like in the pictures, at first. The payload then blew up, or perhaps it was stages of the rocket, and big flashes of colors appeared. First green, then blue, then red. Pretty neat.

I saw some sort of missile flying over the Humboldt Bay Power Plant when I worked graveyard shift there. Not too spectacular, that one. Just  a big light slowly crossing above the plant from west to east. If anything was strange about it it was the flare, that you would expect to be on the opposite side of direction of travel, except it was on the side of the light facing direction of travel. 

I knew exactly what it was when I saw it, or at least thought I did. One of the supervisors wasn't so sure. He came over to our control room saying he'd seen "strange lights". He seemed a bit disturbed about it as if perhaps he'd flipped his lid. I'm not sure it helped much when I told him it was a rocket.

Anyway, keep your eyes to the skies for rockets. They're kinda neat. But you can still call them U.F.O.s. That stands for Unidentified Flying Objects. It always kind of annoys me when I hear the question asked, "Do you believe in U.F.Os?" Of course I do. There's been all kinds of unidentified flying objects seen throughout history. The question would be better asked, "Do you believe U.F.O.s are extraterrestrial in origin?". Not sure how I'd answer that.


At 11:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The missile test was announced. No mystery. Nothing "unidentified" about it.

At 3:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Do you believe U.F.O.s are extraterrestrial in origin?"

Answer it this way: Unidentified flying objects are unidentified, and nothing more. Natural explanations for the flying objects are far more likely than their being extraterrestrial spacecraft. We have zero good evidence for the existence of intelligent alien life visiting our planet, and the recent lights in the sky have been fully explained.


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