Saturday, April 23, 2005

Helping Dogs

Met a girl, "Hippiemash", throught the Humboldt Freecycle web site. She wanted toys to help the dog in the yard next door to her house that was tied up much of the time. I suggested she visit the web site to get some suggestions on how to deal with such situations. She liked the site and is making efforts to improve the neighbor dog's conditions. She also wants to deal with a similar situation a little further from her house. Let's wish her luck.

I mentioned to her that maybe we need a local group. Maybe we already have one, though. I know there's a K-9 Angels group and their leader walks her dog by my house fairly often. I'll have to ask her next time she walks by just what the Angels do.


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At 9:10 AM, Blogger Fred said...

Unbelievable! A Yahoo Group set up so people can give things they don't want away to others is akin to some corporate conspiracy.

Damn! I should have known. It really was horrific being able to give away some working appliances we no longer used to someone who needed them. And those damned bags of lawn amendments that were cluttering up my garage and was never gonna use and couldn't just throw away, who was that conspiratorial creep that came and took them off my hands after I offered them on Freecycle?

Maybe they should shut down Yahoo Groups like that, huh?

My friend, I have only two words for you: GET HELP!


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