Monday, June 06, 2005

Do You Deserve A Discount?

My colleague, Howard Rein, had a My Word column in the Times Standard today. Not available online, apparently. He's complaining, once again, about some seniors being denied the senior rate for sewer and water service. Eureka, as does many municipalities, offers seniors a discount on water and sewer service. While many seniors take advantage of the discount, some were denied because they waited too long, perhaps being unaware of it.

I can understand the frustration of missing out on something like that. Have to wonder just how far one should go in complaining about it, though? Heck, nothing says the City has to offer a discount. If you make too big an issue out of it and the City thinks it's become too much of a hassle, they might well get rid of the discount altogether. Even if you didn't get one, it still might not be a good idea to look a gift horse in the mouth.


At 10:39 PM, Anonymous Jaime said...

Seniors already get a discount at Home Town Buffet. What more could they want?

At 8:57 AM, Blogger Fred said...



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