Monday, July 25, 2005

Elsebusch Gets A Hearing

Local gadflies, David and Penny Elsebusch, get a hearing before the Board of Supervisors. They're going to make a presentation in opposition to the County's proposal to form a countywide redevelopment district. It might seem interesting that the Elsebusches are opposed to the Taxpayer's League lawsuit against Eureka's Redevelopment Agency and the two developers, but not really. One could be opposed to a redevelopment agency but not opposed to finishing a redevelopment project that's been underway for a decade or more. And, if nothing else, one could just be opposed to lawsuits in general except as a last resort.

How do I feel about the formation of a redevelopment district/ agency? I'm not sure, but opponents rightly point out that it takes money from the general fund of a city or the county. While the new "redeveloped areas" might bring in more revenue, most of that revenue goes back to the redevelopment agency for more redevelopment. It's kinda like redevelopment feeds itself which almost sounds like a good idea. Problem is, the new redeveloped areas then use up government services which are generally paid for from General Fund monies and the redeveloped area tax revenues don't go to the General Fund, thus the taxpayers from everywhere else pick up the tab.

I don't like the sound of that but have to admit to not having a real thorough understanding of how this redevelopment stuff works.


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