Sunday, September 18, 2005

CR Volleyball Cut

Disclosure: I've never been a sports fan, at least I've never enjoyed watching sports on TV or live. But I do enjoy playing volleyball on occasion.

But that shouldn't matter. The front page headline of this morning's Eureka Reporter went more than just over the edge with big headlines announcing the College of the Redwoods volleyball program was getting the ax, at least this year, for low enrollment. You won't notice it in the online version but they might have well been announcing a nuclear attack by terrorists by the look of the front page of the hard copy edition.

So, they couldn't get something like five people to sign up for the volleyball team? So what? I'm not saying that programs being cut at any college isn't newsworthy but they're hardly worth mentioning on the front page. Must have been a slow news day at Eureka Reporter.

It's not unusual for classes to be cancelled for lack of attendence at CR. I've been in classes that were cancelled because we couldn't get the minimum of ten people needed for the class to enroll. No big deal unless it's some class you really need to take for some certification or some such. But sports? Come on. I know a lot of people live, eat and breath sports and shudder at the suggestion that taxpayer money shouldn't be used for subsidizing school sports. I happen to be one of those that thinks waaay too much money and emphasis goes toward sports in all levels of education. But just as with everything else in the Educational- Industrial Complex, school sports is likely here to stay, at least for my lifetime.
In other news news: As expected, Glenn Franco Simmons, editor of the Eureka Reporter commented on the recent court decision regarding the Pledge of Allegiance. He seems to oppose it and even quotes State Senator Tom McClintock giving reasons to oppose the decision and continue the Pledge as is. McClintock should know better. Glenn also gives us a breakdown of the pledge and what it should mean for us. Probably not quite the same reasoning the original author had, but who knows?


At 4:53 PM, Blogger Jeff said...

I wonder how the supporters of the phrase "under God" would feel if it were "under Allah" or "under Buddha"? And how do American, Muslim's, and Native Americans feel about saying "under God"?


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