Saturday, March 17, 2007

Fire District Mutual Aid Strengthened

It's good to see all the county and city fire districts have ironed out some kinks in their mutual aid procedures. Still, a bit of a surprise as I'm sure most of us weren't aware of any problems in that regard to begin with.


At 3:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is a difference between "mutual assist" and "auto aid" in our local fire agencies. Mutual assist means that in the event of a large incident, other agencies will assist. The agreement reached this week goes a long way to define what this means and how to coordinate the various resources (trucks, equipment and personnel) in a multiple agency response.

I may be dead wrong on this, but I believe that Eureka Fire Department and Humboldt #1 Fire Protection District are the only agencies with an "auto aid" agreement. This means that both agencies looked at the combined area of coverage and took into consideration how fast a response would occur based upon the location of the existing (combined) stations. Accordingly, if an incident now occurs, the first agency to roll is the one closest, not necessarily the one who is technically responsible according to jurisdiction.

In my view, this is a forward thinking concept and worthy of praise. After all, if your house is one fire, you don't much care about the color of the truck that arrives.

Chris Crawford


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