Sunday, January 18, 2009

Eureka's Hillsdale Street

There's a story in the Times- Standard this morning about the Eureka Heritage Society. Doesn't really refer to it on the online story but the hard copy version has pictures of Eureka's Hillsdale Street. That's a good example of an old- time neighborhood.

If you haven't been to Hillsdale Street, I'd recommend a drive or walk down it at least once. With the exception of a few modern houses on the street, most are old Victorians. I can just imagine some old 1920s style car parked along the street every time I drive down it. Really a historic looking place.

Hillsdale Street is a short street on the west side of E Street. It intersects E street right near Hammond(?) Park, north of Wabash. Go take a look.
As an aside, that book they mention in the article, Eureka, An Architectural View", our house is listed in that book. That's one of the reasons I was talked into buying this house years ago. I like historical things.


At 6:07 PM, Blogger beachcomber said...

I remember being diverted up Hillsdale when they were working on 14th a while back and was so amazed, I fetched the old man and made him drive down there to look at it. Where did this come from? Monica rented an upstairs apartment in one of the houses for a time.


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