Saturday, April 18, 2009

Eureka Mulls Inspection Ordinance

From today's Times- Standard:

”There were times when I would be on the living room floor because of gunfire going on,” she said.

I call bullshit on that. I don't think there's anywhere in Eureka where gunfire, or gunfights, are a regular or even occasional problem. I can't recall the last time I heard a gunshot around my house. 4th of July, maybe?

So, the City of Eureka and a number of local busybodies want to start charging landlords $35.00 per unit a year to set up some sort of code inspection program. As usual they mix in just about every reason they can for it.

First, some lady says it all has to do with crime in her neighborhood. Then we're told "slum housing is a common source of criminal behavior". Well, duh!

So I'm guessing Larry Glass and others think that by ensuring rentals are up to code the crime around them will stop? Nope, it's just an excuse- a way to scare people into supporting the ordinance.

And I agreed with at least one of the folks in the T-S' comments section that landlords should make sure tenants pay their fair share of the proposed $35.00 fee, just as they should have charged an additional $15.00 when mandatory garbage service was started in Eureka.

Larry; you're making Eureka an expensive place to live.

Interesting that they're talking about hiring 1 1/2 positions for this code enforcement when the city is supposedly in such dire financial straits. But, I doubt the positions would last even if they do hire someone. They'll just have the people already doing those same inspections keep on doing them and the city pockets the landlord's fees.

If this actually gets started, I'll also predict it won't be the end of it. As one T-S comment stated:

CJ Saint Claire wrote, "... inspections might include police follow-up to reported suspicious activities as noted by whomever would hold this proposed post.

Ahhh, of course. Use this to get access to people's homes to check for criminal activity without a warrant? Where have we seen that before? Southern Humboldt maybe?

You can't help but wonder if that's what this is all about in the long run?



At 2:40 PM, Anonymous dog said...

This time I think you're right on Fred.

Yet another ordinance will not address nor solve the problem. I predict many will view this as no more than a further intrusion into people's affairs.

There is sufficient authority to accomplish what Larry says he wants. It's a matter of making such things a priority for the council and law enforcement.

But, I agree, this appears to be more of a ploy to create another tax, without calling it that.

I think Larry's true colors are beginning to show. It will be interesting to see if Linda sticks to the pre-prepared script on this one.

At 3:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes, living in eureka, there are very few gunshots that ring out. and this is a classist response to a problem, whether it is real or not.
only people who rent will be expected to open their homes once a year to the city employees.
do you have a warrant to come in here?

At 5:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Larry Glass is the worst thing
that has happened to Eureka in
along time...he only cares
about what is best for him...

At 9:10 PM, Blogger Just a Small Town Girl said...

Thankfully, I am not a landlord in Eureka, otherwise I would be more than a little irritated with this proposed ordinance.
I am an AWESOME landlord (no I am not bragging, its the truth). I take care of my properties, strictly screen all applicants, and do inspections when I think something funky may be going on...which it never is. I live within 5 minutes of each of my rentals, and I also have family in one. Makes it easy to manage when you live close.
I personally do not need "the man" looking over my shoulder to make sure that I am managing my properties correctly.
Isn't the main focus of this directed towards Floyd Squires and property management companies?

At 7:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, the main focus is Larry
Glass for Larry Glass...

At 1:46 PM, Anonymous Dog said...

Hey, Small Town Girl

Do you have any vacancies? I'd love a landlord like you.

My rental experience over the years in Eureka has been fine. Competent, responsible owners. If there's a problem with individual, absentee or slumlords, there is plenty of authority to address a nuisance or health issue.

I don't want the City in my life and certainly not in my house.

Larry's task force....what a joke! More like Larry's posse whose mission in life is to protect his star power.


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