Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Defense Wins....So Far

I'd say the defense is winning after reading the first in a two part series on the prosecution of Eureka Police Sergeant, Adam Laird. It does seem as if he was singled out for prosecution, at least after reading the Times- Standard story.

I'm sure there's more to it. We'll see what Part 2 brings up, but when not even the supposed victim recalls being kicked and he suffered no physical injury, it seems this is more than about that one incident.

And what's with this other story about Laird's hearing in regards being fired? To read that it certainly seems someone on the department had a beef with him, whether real or imagined. According to Chief Harpham "....his department had long intended to fire Laird.". You have to wonder what for, although we'll likely never find out.

But then we're told, "Harpham declined to discuss Laird's case, noting that he will oversee the Skelly hearing and needs to remain neutral and unbiased.". Hmmm...would someone who knows all the reasons they wanted to fire Laird be neutral and unbiased? Doesn't read that way to me. 

Don't get me wrong. I like Murl Harpham. There just seems to be more going on here than meets the eye.


At 9:50 AM, Anonymous Craig said...

Sure reads like a number of individuals at EPD had an axe to grind.


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