Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mola42's Drug War Advice

Mola42 is my favorite commentator of late. She's commented here and even does guest posts on the Tuluwat Examiner every now and then. Her latest post regards dealing with the War on Drugs. She mentions me by name twice, paraphrasing some comments I made to an earlier post on the Examiner.

That earlier post read to me as a "We need to do something!" cry for more law enforcement action towards Eureka's heroin problem. Maybe I was misreading it, so I asked just what the TE seemed to be proposing. Should all these junkies be thrown in jail?

No answer from the TE but Mola suggested we first need to recognize there's a problem. I replied that I've been hearing for at least a couple decades about fairly widespread drug abuse in the Eureka area.
It's no secret but, assuming this is a problem that needs being dealt with, what's the answer? Believe it or not, I don't know.

I am certain of one thing: Nobody should be arrested for simple possession of a drug, and nobody should be punished for what they eat, drink or smoke. That's their personal business.

I'm sure some will suggest drugs cause crime. I'll agree it does to some extent, but we already deal with such situations involving alcohol. People convicted of drunk driving or domestic abuse are routinely ordered by courts to abstain from alcohol. We often do the same thing with those convicted of crimes blamed at least in part on drug use.

What I don't like is drugs being used as an excuse for criminal activity. I recall watching a show on Court TV years ago that looked at drug courts. First case was a girl in her early 20s arrested for shoplifting. The first thing out of her mouth is a request for drug court as a diversion from criminal court.

I didn't like that. She was stealing. She should be held accountable for what she did, not weasel out of it by using drugs as an excuse. So it should be with everybody.

When the state should intervene with the doper that doesn't hold a job, doesn't commit non- drug crimes but might be harming himself, I don't know. The doper that holds a job, minds his own business and leads a generally peaceful life should be left alone.


At 12:12 PM, Anonymous MOLA:42 said...

Thanks Fred, I can always use a plug, especially from established blogsters that I respect such as yourself.

I think the view point you expressed is a good one and I hope you will share it in the comments section of the Tuluwat Examiner article.

Just a minor note: MOLA:42 is an acronym, not a name. I'm not female, I'm really just a curmudgeonly but lovable old guy.


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