Friday, June 06, 2014

Cornerstone Computers

Back to using my regular computer now after a couple days on the laptop so thought I'd plug Henderson Center's Cornerstone Computers. I've been real happy with them in the past. This last time might seem pricey for what was done, but they could have taken me to the cleaners had they wanted to.

A few days ago I thought my monitor was going out for reasons I won't describe here. After a couple days it seemed it had gone out so I switched to the old CRT monitor that worked fine when it was last hooked up. It didn't work either. At that point I was thinking the video card might have failed, even though the card was only a few years old.

So I took the tower to Cornerstone and explained the problem. The guy told me it might just need a good cleaning. I was skeptical of that as when it overheated before the symptoms were different. I took care of that issue myself after Cornerstone pointed me in the right direction.

The guy also told me they had a tiered diagnostic fee system I hadn't heard of in prior visits. It was something like $100.00 for one day service. $75 for guaranteed two day and $50 for three to four day. Something along that line, anyway. I thought it an interesting way to do it and glad to have the time option. I chose the two day.

He went on to say if they needed to replace the video card it would be the cost of the card ($170) plus labor charges I don't recall. I was thinking it might well end up being $250 or more, yet another large expense we could ill afford. But, I needed the computer fixed. 

The two days went by and we hadn't received a call by 4:30pm, although Connie said someone called around noon but didn't leave a message. So I called them and the girl said there must have been a mistake because my computer was ready to be picked up. All it needed was all the dust cleaned out, especially from the CPU. That was causing the overheating. Total cost: $60.00.

That may seem like a lot to some, but I was relieved it was only $60.00. They could have went ahead and replaced the video card just to sell the card, but they were on the up and up and just fixed the minor problem.

I've taken my tower in there at least a couple other times and have been just as satisfied. They also sell hardware like modems and monitors at competitive prices. Nice to have a place like that just blocks away. I highly recommend them. Corner of F and Henderson Streets in Eureka's Henderson Center.


At 8:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

FYI, you can probably fix this yourself in the future. It's not too difficult to remove a few screws, lift or slide off the case, and blow some air in to remove the dust (do it outside). If using compressed air, be careful not to put it too close as it can cool the components too much.

At 6:14 AM, Blogger Fred Mangels said...

I did clean it out myself last time I had an overheating problem. This time the symptoms were different. I didn't think it was an overheating issue.


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