Sunday, July 13, 2014

Free Data Switch

Might as well post my latest Craigslist ad here. I'm giving away a Belkin data switch. This picture on Ebay shows what they look like. It's used to hook up a computer to more than one printer. Old printer port type computers and printers only, unless you can find a usb/printer port adapter.

Update: No response to the ad in 24 hours so the ad has been deleted. That's the first time I haven't gotten a response to one of my ads, but understandable since the item is pretty much obsolete.


At 12:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You might get better luck on Humboldt Freecycle.

A printer switch is old school. Today's printers can usually be used with wifi.

At 2:25 PM, Blogger Fred Mangels said...

I figure Freecycle is sooo old school. I did used to use it before I discovered Craigslist had classifieds.

Yeah, I realize it's essentially junk, but you never know. I have yet to get a response to the ad. That has to be a record as usually, no matter what I'm giving away, I get responses within the hour.

If no one wants it, I guess it goes in with the e- waste? Not sure it needs to. Not much to this thing from the looks of it. Shame if that's necessary as I just took a big load of e- waste to City Garbage a week or so ago.


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