Sunday, July 26, 2015

Returning Library Books

A lady writes to the Times- Standard about her vandalized library book. Apparently she had a friend return it for her. The friend gave it to the guy in line in front of her as he agreed to return it. She ends up getting a bill for $20.00 from the library for a wet book. How that happened, who knows, but she should have just used the drop box as a comment to the letter suggested.

That reminds me of my own returned book story from back in the early '80s. That was back when the library was in the basement of the courthouse where the Court Clerk's office is now. I used to go in there fairly often.

I'd gone back in to get more books and return one I was done with. Back then, when you'd have a book to return, you'd just set it on the front counter where there was a sign saying to leave returned books. I dropped the book off, then went to look for some other ones. There was a librarian sitting within four feet of where I left the book.

Next time I went in, the librarian dude tells me I have a book overdue. It's the one I left on the counter last time. I told him I set it right on the counter where I was supposed to and he was sitting right there. He said they had no record of it being returned but seemed as if he believed me. I even went to where it was on the shelf in case someone had put it back and just missed recording it. Nope. The book was nowhere to be found. Somebody must have taken it.

I guess the guy believed me. They never charged me for the book.

The name of the book? I believe it was External Security and dealt with retail security and ways to stop thieves from ripping off stores.


At 12:16 PM, Blogger Julie Timmons said...

That's hilarious! At least you bring yours back.

At 12:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Also not a good idea to leave library books in your car. I was going to school at UCB and my car was stolen. The library was going to charge me $100 for the book. I was not allowed to purchase the book to replace. My insurance would not pay the $100 either, because it was not my property and was not part of my policy. About a month later, Richmond Police had found my stolen car and when I went to retrieve it, the book was still in the trunk! That was all I cared about because as a student I did not have an extra $100.

At 12:56 PM, Blogger Fred Mangels said...

" The library was going to charge me $100 for the book."

I wonder why they wouldn't let you replace the book?

" At least you bring yours back".

Yep. Always did and I went in there quite often back then. That was the only time there was a problem. I was surprised they took my word for it that I'd brought it back. Wondering if that was an ongoing problem there?

Shame about that. That book had a companion book Internal Security that was about inside theft and fraud- Managers and employees stealing from the company. Fascinating stuff. Both were big hardback books with all kinds of stories and info. I've forgotten nearly all of it.

One story I do remember was some grocery chain that was losing $10,000 a month. They couldn't figure out where it was going so they sent in a security expert. He couldn't figure it out, either, after spending a week really looking into it.

Then he got it. Standing overwatching the check stands he thought something wasn't quite right. Took him a while to figure out what it was. Then he realized their receipt ledgers showed eight check stands, but there were nine in the store.

Turned out the ninth one was the manager's own stand. He'd open it for a couple hours each day and all sales went into his pocket.

Neat book. It was kinda sad to go back to the library and see just one half of the two sitting on the shelf after the other one was stolen.

At 2:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

They charge $100 for the book because they have a requisition policy they have to abide by.


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