Monday, August 29, 2016

Where Do California Pols Stand On Legal MJ?

The Sacramento Bee asked some statewide politicians in California where they stood on legal marijuana- in the case, the Adult Use Of Marijuana Act which will be on the November ballot. It's too much trouble to name names so I'll just give my count from the article:

For legalization: 5
No on legalization: 2
Maybe: 6

The Maybe votes are derived from those that didn't seem comfortable with it but wouldn't give a firm answer.

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher gave an explanation for his Yes vote I don't understand more "conservatives" making:

 “Our current marijuana laws have undermined many of the things conservatives hold dear – individual freedom, limited government and the right to privacy.

You would think that would be a no- brainer for conservatives.
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At 2:45 PM, Blogger Henchman Of Justice said...

No on legalization unless it is recreational and taxed.

Medical should not be taxed.

Then we will see how the numbers work out and shift later to avoid taxation......and the black market will thrive even more ......

BECAUSE .......

legality increases demand, available consumers, and when more consumers say SCREW GUBBAMINT TAXES AND FEES, guess what, the black market will thrive that much more than ever at its highest point of money.

Legality is just a scam to increase overall gubbamint creation of a larger market place to create increased arguments to arrest, etc.... BUT, problem is gubbamint won't go after folks without charging the innocent growers to fund the enforcement of laws against bad growers.....partly a sham to use money collected to fight mexican nationals, bulgarians, etc... who are invisible as far as taxation other than sales taxes locally.....other part is that for local bad growers, gubbamint don't play the game of,

Rack up charges and costs to enforce the laws first, then charge the guilty party later.......gubbamint could, but they don't because they are concocting a sham scenario to increase everything in value across the board.....taxes, profit, crime, black market, consumers, demand, gubbamint employment, etc......

Aye me my

At 10:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't blame the government. Much of the faux legalization we is being pushed was written by the MJ industry. If it became completely legal, which I advocate for, the market would severely decline. Many MJ farmers have fought any efforts to legalize because a black market with limited entry supports a higher (no pun intended) price. They sell the faux legalization to the government by waving the taxation carrot around.


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