Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Eureka's Measure P- Frue Ward Voting, or Citywide?

The inlaws across the street have one of these signs in their yard. I haven't had the chance but want to ask my brother- in- law- a self described conservative, what his- the conservative- argument against Measure P is. 

I'm voting No on P and will post my reasons here soon. Can anyone give me the gist of the arguments local conservatives have against the measure?

I'm mostly wondering what sort of argument we'll be hearing when this gets on the ballot. Feel free to post them as comments. Keep in mind you can make comments anonymously.


At 11:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you like the direction Eureka has taken, you will want to support the status quo and vote No. If you think Eureka needs a change of directions, vote Yes.

Pretty simple choice. If enough people vote Yes, maybe Eureka will change back into a place I want to shop, or dine, or bring friends. Maybe our kids would want to move back. Or, vote no and keep the status quo.

At 10:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I posted on here, a while back, a warning article about this. I can't remember what was said, but it made sense. Jerrymandering, more UN regional footholds...
I'll see if I can find it again. It was from the Stop Scag campaign or the New American. (Scag = southern Calif association of GOVERNMENTS).

At 1:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's a long drawn out ploy that gives ultimate control to the UN (which, is governments, not the people. Not even the tree huggers).
The COG (council of governments) are UN. Not all of the mayors are aware of this.
City council members are "elected" because of their lack of intelligence.
The city manager receives a huge salary, because he is wearing more than one hat.
The city "staff" that attends the "meetings" are the UN pushers.
The city council "trusts" the "staff" and signs a lot of their "plans" into action. Rare is the city council who doesn't sign on. They are "shamed" for not going along with the "plan" for more grant money, under the "sustainability" or "save the planet" rhetoric.
The making of "wards" is really a guise to create a stacked deck for the closed door meetings.
The libtards think they win & will be able to rule with mob mentality.
The libertarians think they win & will be able to have more voice.
The righties think they win if they can just infiltrate and set things right again.
Nobody reads the staff "packetts" past the oh so wonderful sustainability & smart growth. It's just oh so smart.
The citizens rights are stripped. The tree huggers are no longer allowed in the forests, can no longer assemble in protests, no longer raise awareness about the latest bad. They are just as censored as the righties and the libby's.
The governments herd the strong & able into select mega cities. The weak, old, ill, handicapped, are herded into "camps".
The UN governments strip the land's resources.
They already control half the west.

The "freedom from war", 1961, is the key point. Without the disarmnment, the world governments will fail. Many countries have already pulled out of the "sustainability" lure, and are rebuilding, but too many others have not.
In America, the libtards think they're so cool & smart & caring and so "above" anyone else. They are useful idiots, just like our representatives are. Remember, most representatives, senators, congressmen, all started out on city council. They passed the "packetts", praised the globalism, destroyed your economy. To this day, they think they're oh so smart. They blame all the woes on the people, cow farts, reservoirs, dams, farming, ranching, pot, , ... Hello?!

If you don't want the process sped up, then don't fall for the more for the money. They don't represent you, they represent an agenda, but they're too dumb to open their eyes and research all the info. It's easier to feel important while sitting in important closed door meetings, agreeing with other "important" dumbwits that the "packetts" and "sustainabilty" is the only cool thing to do. Afterall, all the other "important" people are falling for it.


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