Monday, October 24, 2016

My First Amber Alert

I received my first ever Amber Alert on my cellphone an hour or so ago. It surprised me, partly because of the noise my phone made but mostly because I didn't know I was on their list. 

I was standing in my garage with my phone about three feet behind me when it made a large buzz and started vibrating. I thought at first the phone might be overheating. But, nope, I took a look and a black window with white text appeared advising me of an Amber Alert. Those are for missing or abducted children.

Further investigation showed a 7 month(?) old girl had been abducted in Sonoma County- from Guerneville, if memory serves. I tried to find that alert online just now but was unsuccessful. No pictures for you!

Update: The Times- Standard and Santa Rosa Press- Democrat covered the Amber Alert today. Photos there, if interested.


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