Wednesday, September 28, 2005

HOPE's Ballot Initiative List

Humboldt Organized for People and the Environment (HOPE), has their list compiled of how different local organizations stand on the ballot initiatives for the November election. Unfortunately, they don't seem to have it available on their web site as of this morning. I believe they did last year so I'll check back and, assuming they have a link to view the table online, will post the url here when it's up and running.

I'm sent a request by HOPE before every election for the Libertarian Party stand on the initiatives. Since I often don't differ much with the State LP Executive Committee on the issues, I usually just send in their recommendations and if I differ at all I usually just change one or two to No Position. Despite taking a Yes position on Prop 73, the parental notification of abortion initiative, myself, I submitted our position as No Position since I'd heard from one other local LPer that was strongly opposed to Prop 73. When HOPE's chart arrived in my inbox, I was surprised to see the LP position on 73 as Yes. Oh well. Such things happen.

The vast majority of the orgs that gave positions are what most would consider Left Wing groups. So, it wasn't surprising that the vast majority were opposed to most of the initiatives with the exception of one of the drug discount initiatives and the utility reregulation inititiative. The Libertarian Party positions were most closely aligned with those of the Republican Party and the Chamber of Commerce, favoring most but opposing the both drug initiatives and the utility reregulation initiative. It was surprising that the Humboldt Taxpayer's League was listed but apparently either neglected, or refused, to send in their positions. I'm pretty sure they took positions on some of them. Some of the initiatives lie outside the perview of the League so they wouldn't have taken a position.

Interesting, though, the solidarity of the Left with the number of No votes. I can't imagine anyone opposing the Redistricting initiative. That has to be simply an anti- Arnold thing, as I'm sure much of the other No votes are, as well. I'll give credit to the Greens to taking at least a No Position on redistricting. I wonder if that's more out of fear of alienating other Lefty groups, or of just mixed feelings overall on the issue? Or, maybe they feel like I do that, despite supporting the redistricting change, it won't really change much as far as business as usual in the state of California?

Anyway, I still have the Chart in my inbox as a .pdf file. If you'd like to see it and don't want to wait and see if it shows up on their web site, drop me an e-mail and I'll send it to you. You'll need Acrobat Reader to view the file.


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