Monday, November 07, 2005

Dreading November 9

I'm not looking forward to Wednesday, the day after the election, since the candidates or issues I support usually lose. I suspect most of the "good" initiatives (Props 73 thru 77) on the ballot will fail. I say good initiatives only because I'm voting for them. I've said before I don't think any of them will do much in the short or long run to straighten this state out.

As far as local races, too many of the small offices and boards to keep track of. We have three libertarians running for three different boards. I'll only identify one, Will Wennerholm, publicly since he's already identified himself as a libertarian to the North Coast Journal. The other two are running for separate school boards and no way of telling how well they'll do although, historically, LP candidates do best in non- partisan races and especially if they run for office on their own initiative, as all three of these candidates have done. I'm rooting for all three.

I'll only make one prediction for one local race and I hope I'm wrong, although it's probably no big deal: My gut feeling is that Maggie Herbelin wins over incumbent Dennis Hunter in the Harbor Commissioner race if only cause a lot of people will vote for a change of face in at least one of those seats. I'm not a strong supporter of Hunter but will likely vote for him if for no other reason than Herbelin seems very government oriented- her vision of the future of the bay being more government institutions to bring jobs to the county and, of course, her vision of our private economy focused on selling trinkets to tourists.

So I'll be dreading Wednesday but I'll have to admit to a little bit of anticipation just to see how things turn out. Frustrating part is that, with so many people voting by absentee ballot, it will likely be some time before the results are known. I'll be waiting.


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