Sunday, October 30, 2005

Candidates File Finance Reports

I wanted to post this yesterday but I had the misfortune of losing my DSL connection sometime during the night. Really screwed me up as I usually get up by 5:30am and have two to three hours of online computer stuff I usually do each morning. Until SBC got the problem fixed around 11am I couldn't really do anything but play a game I downloaded to take the place of Aces High, which is my favorite but I can't play Aces High on this old E-machine. Of course, couldn't have played that, either, as I didn't have access to the internet anyway.

Now I've got my DSL but this computer has really been spazzing out this morning and I'm wondering how long it will be up and running. I've had to reboot probably a dozen times in just the first hour. Finally got it running ok but I'm afraid to turn it off in case it finally gives up on me. What will the blog world be without me? Hang in there, E-machine. You gotta keep going until I get my high speed machine back from Florida...please. But I digress:
Looks like some of the local candidates filed their financial disclosure forms with Elections the other day. Not all candidates had to file. I was surprised at how much money some of the candidates raised for what some would consider low profile offices.
Two things that stood out to me were Dennis Hunter, running for Harbor District Commissioner, getting his largest donation ($200) from Renner Petroleum. Nothing wrong with that, to my mind, but I wonder if that might rub some people the wrong way as Renner Petroleum isn't highly thought of by some. I think that might of had something to do with the lopsided victory Kerrigan had over Bohn in the Eureka City Council race since Bohn is a manager for Renner Petroleum. The thing that brought the question up to me was an acquaintance, who happened to be a pretty conservative guy, ridiculing the idea of voting for Bohn simply because he worked for Renner Petroleum. That surprised me and I wondered how many others felt that way.
But, I suspect the lines are already drawn with Hunter taking the conservative leaning voters and Herbelin taking the lefties. Hunter also has the advantage of incumbency that will probably give him some votes but I won't try to predict the outcome in that race.
I also found it interesting that Don Avant, running for Northern Humboldt Unified School District, got one of his largest donations from some doctor in L.A. Not surprising, just interesting. Wonder if Democracy Unlimited will go after out of town individual donations next, after they finish going after corporate ones? Nah, they wouldn't do that, would they?


At 11:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder if Democracy Unlimited will go after the "Out of towners" coming up and running in our local races. People like Greg Allen, who even after all his "bring high tech jobs to Humboldt county" crap that he tried to pull the last two times running for city council, still has his law office in Sunnyvalle (Well, his mom and dad's house really) Or what about the Richard Salzman guy, even though I do not believe people will discount him because of his crimes, but his company is still based out of San Fran and New York.

Or maybe the local people have completely lost touch with the real world, like Paul Cienfuegos, who would give out $40 in gas money on craigslist to anyone willing to haul two carpet rolls from Bellingham, WA to here. These are 10 foot rolls and he didn't want them hauled on top of the car, but inside.

I wonder if he got any takers? But these people have lost their minds, and have little to no idea of the "Real World".

At 8:14 AM, Blogger Fred said...

Hadn't thought it through that far, Greg Allen and such.

Along that line, I'm not sure how true it is, but years ago I heard that a lot of local businesses don't have to have business licenses in Eureka because the work for an out of town business. Insurance companies being the one that was pointed out to me.

Someone told me that since a State Farm agent actually works for a company that's based out of the area, they don't have to get a business license in Eureka.

Again; I don't know if that's true, or maybe they were talking about Home Occupancy Permits, or some such. Surprising, though, if it is true.

At 8:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I can't speak for State Farm, but I work in Eureka for a Multi-State Company (BOO HISS EVIL) that is based in another state, and we have a Eureka Business License hanging on the wall. I think the Green Party (both of the ones we have in Humboldt County) have gone insane and are trying to outdo each other, and the Dems are playing tag-a-long. How else to you think man-hating, chain smoker, litterbug got elected to office arund here? Patty Berg, that one was for you.


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