Thursday, November 03, 2005

Some Snippets and a Green Blog

Two articles I found interesting in the Sacramento Bee, today, regarding or related to a couple of the upcoming ballot initiatives:

Here's a story on a judge not allowing the State Controller to release money a government employee union took from non- union employees. The union apparently was going to use the money to fight some upcoming ballot initiatives. You can bet Prop. 75, which requires unions to get permission from its members before spending their money for political purposes is one of the initiatives they were going to spend the non- member money on.

Dan Weintraub gives opponents of Prop. 77 (that's the one that deals with redistricting) a well deserved slam in this commentary.
Unfortunately, the Eureka Reporter didn't update their opinion page along with the rest of their web site on Wednesday, so I can't link to the guest commentary written by local Greenie, David Giarrizo. It might have been updated by the time you read this as I e-mailed their editor asking what gives.

Anyway, he wrote in response to Stephen Lewis' letter, commented on earlier here. He brushes off suggestions that the Greens are teaming up with the Democrats but his commentary seems to be mostly a plug for the Green Party, at least to me. Nothing wrong with that. I always look for an opportunity to plug the Libertarian Party while reading the news or letters to the editor.

The most interesting thing I found in his commentary was mention of the Eureka Greens Blog, which I was unaware of until now. I knew there was some Eureka Greens group but didn't know they had a blog. Interesting thing about the blog is that they seem to be using it more as an informational web site for local party news, press releases, meeting announcements and the like. If you scroll down you'll see they have their legislative agenda for the City of Eureka there- a pretty lengthy agenda.

I didn't read every part of it but some of the agenda seems ok and some is surprising. For instance; something in there on cutting back on smoking restrictions in town. As I mentioned in my sole comment there, that's a pretty hefty agenda. Likely to scare a lot of people if only because it's so all encompassing. The main problem I had, from what little I saw, was some of their building related items. I'm sure I'd find more to be concerned about if I gave their agenda a little more attention.

No comments on the blog, other than mine, so far. Pretty strange use for a blog, though, seems to me. I've added it to my list now if only to keep track of what they're up to.


At 11:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now which Green party is this? Humboldt County has two Green parties last time I checked.

At 11:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh it's the same party that spammed

At 8:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

who in their right mind would bother to spam a website filled with nothing but hateful spam attacks already?


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