Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Eureka WiFi Expanding Without Government

Yet another example of things happening somewhere without government intervention, although I guess they're kind of related to government. The Redwood Acres Fairgrounds, just outside Eureka, has installed a wifi network. I'd be interested in seeing how far outside the fairgrounds their network extends. Will it overlap the already existing Myrtletown.net network? From the looks of this map, I wouldn't be surprised.

Just drove out there a little while ago and noticed yet another business in Myrtletown advertising free WiFi that I hadn't noticed before: That Tea Garden place on the south side of Myrtle Avenue between McFarland and West(?) Avenue. That's a ways out from Myrtletown.net's coverage but I wonder if there's any other places in between that would complete the link with Myrtletown.net

This is kind of neat. Now I just wish I could get a couple places on Lucas Street, between Myrtle and Harrison, to tie in with Myrtletown.net. Then, maybe I could hook up to their WiFi next time I go to North Coast Family Practice which is on the corner of Harrison and Lucas.

Seems like a petty concern but it's not unusual to spend up to three hours at N.C. Family Practice waiting to see someone. If I could take my laptop in to the waiting room and play around with it, it might make the time go faster.

I think I'll take my laptop next time. Maybe there's some open networks there I don't know about yet. If I can't find one, maybe I can suggest N.C. Family Practice get one going and see if they can hook up to Myrtletown.net.

The way things are going, pretty soon everyone will be doing this and we'll have WiFi all over Eureka. Except for my house. I prefer good old secure hard line DSL, if I have the choice.


At 6:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Fred,
I was staying on Bay Street last week and could only pick up the guy next door's signal. I asked him for the keyword to patch into his wifi and he wouldn't give it to me since "we've had problems with people hacking into our computer". Now this guy is disabled and neither him or his wife leave the house except for once a week shopping trips! I was able to get online via his unsecured link but some emails I sent were never received.
My Mom lives in Lundbar Hills and BOTH neighbors were happy to give me their keywords to link into their systems and I had no problems. People are strange!

At 7:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous, I wouldn't want some stranger have access to my network. I share files across my home home network and wouldn't want to give stranger access. That's likely why he declined.


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